Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Happy Christmas

Hope everyone has a happy and peaceful Christmas. It can be both a happy time of year and rather sad. I always miss Mum and family in England at this time of year especially when people are talking about all their family being together. I'm missing daughter too. I think it's difficult for her too. She sounded a little down. I know exactly how she feels as I'm sort of stuck on both sides - away from daughter and away from Mum. I shall see daughter again in a few weeks so that's what we're trying to keep sight of and look forward to.

I had a lovely day - too much food and lots of gifts. I was very lucky to receive a new lens for my camera from husband and son. It was a lovely surprise. It is a wider angle lens for landscape photography. I am itching to get out tomorrow and see what sort of pics I can take. Husband took the day off work - here in America Christmas is only one day but we always try to do something special on Boxing Day. Now that the kids are all grown it's usually a walk. I'm hoping the sun will be shining tomorrow so we can get out.


  1. So nice to hear that you had a lovely day Sharon and I am looking forward to seeing the photos you take with your new lens.

  2. A new lens sounds like the perfect gift. We're you thinking of getting a wide angle?

    1. It was on my wish list! It's great for taking landscapes and I wanted something that I could get a bit more scene in with.

  3. Really looking forward to all the lovely photos you will take using your new lens. A fantastic gift.
    Happy Boxing Day.

  4. I'm glad you had a good Christmas, Sharon, even though you were missing your daughter and your mum and sisters. What a wonderful gift from your husband and son! Looking forward to seeing all the lovely photos you'll be able to take with the new lens!

  5. I can't wait to see you work your magic with the new lens.


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