Monday, December 30, 2019

Start of a New Week

Aaargh...I accidentally signed out of my blog account, couldn't remember my password so I had to reset it and now it's acting all strange. Every time I try to look something up it says something about signing in but I'm already signed in. Even when I'm writing this post it keeps telling me to sign in. Grrrr. It's driving me crazy.

That's the rant for the day.

It's blustery here today and the temperature is dropping. We are expecting snow tomorrow. I am all prepared. If I can't go out for a walk tomorrow I shall be staying in and crafting. I have been watching videos to make journals and there's one I'm going to give a try. A while back I bought a Cinch binding machine and (hanging my head) I never ended up using it. I got it out today and tried it. I shall be using it. I think 2020 might have to be the year where I use something/read something or get rid of it.

I did some crafting yesterday and today. I am pleased to say that I have managed to keep up with my December Daily -- one day to go (yah me!). I am also pleased to say that I completed the 30 Day Seasonal Photo Challenge in my online camera club that I am a part of. It might not sound much to others, but I am really pleased as I struggle to complete things like this.

I've been thinking a lot about things I'd like to accomplish next year and my word of the year. I haven't really come up with either. I have a few things tossing about in my head. Perhaps I will write them down and see if I can make head or tails of the thoughts or what direction they are taking.

Anybody else thinking of ideas for the New Year?


  1. Your photos are lovely! Well done on finishing the challenge!

    I have been reviewing my New Year's resolutions; I think I will keep the same ones as they still seem quite valid. I've considered doing a word of the year, but, it's not something I've done before. I don't know if I could settle for just one word, though!

  2. How frustrating for you - I hope it all settles down.
    I think it's brilliant that you have completed (almost) the December Daily and I love your photos very much indeed. Thanks for all the pleasure they give me and many others.
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

  3. Computers just drive you bonkers don't they?

    Well done on your December Daily and photo challenge.

    I don't really do the word for the year thing but if I did I think my word would be Challenge to make myself try new things such as new foods or new crafts....anything to push myself out of my comfort zone.
    I made a start the other day....I tried Brie which has always kind of disgusted me as I'm not quite sure cheese should ooze like that and do you know was

    Have a very Happy New Year Sharon.

  4. Mine keeps showing me "sign up for the new blogger" What new blogger? I have a word in mind. I'll post tomorrow about it. I'm making chili and cornbread and then we will try to stay up until midnight...I probably won't make it...teehee


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