Saturday, February 15, 2020

Cold Saturday -

Brrr… the last couple of days have been absolutely freezing here. It was only -14c/7f when we went out this morning and colder than that with the wind blowing. We drove over to the lakeshore to see the ice beginning to form. I'm not sure we'll get much of it this year as overall things haven't been as cold as usual. It's amazing how quickly it forms though. I couldn't believe it when we got there and there were some men wind surfing in the lake! They had to walk along an ice covered walkway to be able to slide off into the water.

As I'm typing this it has warmed up a little (just below freezing though it's 4.25pm so I don't think it will be getting any warmer) and it's doing something outside. I can hear things hitting on the window.  I poked my head outside and it looks like a cross between snow and ice. Yuck. Hopefully it won't stick to the roads too much as we'd like to go out tomorrow for our usual Sunday adventure.

Son did make it home. His plane on Thursday ended up being cancelled. He had to spend the night in the airport and did not make it home until Friday morning. It was uncomfortable for him and not a lot of sleep, but he took it in stride. I was really quite proud of him as he sometimes panics if things don't go just so. I think I was more stressed out than he was! It was another late night on Thursday waiting to see if the plane would leave and he'd need picking up at the airport. I'm glad all that's over with!

I went upstairs to the craft room this afternoon. Still not too inspired but - thinking of Spring - I put together this little card. I can't wait until there is colour in the garden and flowers are blooming!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. Glad to hear that your son got home safely. Lovely card!

    Hope the weather is good and the roads are safe for your Sunday drive, tomorrow!

  2. ONLY -14!!!??? Brrrrr . . . I'm feeling shivery just thinking about it! Fingers crossed for the roads today.
    I'm so glad your son got home again after a few adventures and that he was OK about it all.
    And that's a really lovely card - very cheering.

  3. Great to hear that your Son got home from his trip.

    What a lovely card. Definitely ready for Spring now. So sick of grey days and flippin' rain.

  4. Glad your son managed to get back safely. The weather sounds dreadful much the same here although not as cold. Beautiful card.

  5. Yes, cold! Glad he made it back - flying in winter is the unpredictable. Your card is cute!


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