Sunday, June 19, 2022

Back from Camping!

We're back!

Had a lovely time. Being British I have to talk about the weather. We had a bit of everything - fog, rain, sunshine, wind, storms oh my! Luckily the rain stayed away while we were setting up and taking down. The storms were horrible. I'm not a fan of storms at the best of times but being outside in a tent, well, not exactly fun. It was at night so I covered my head with my sleeping bag so I couldn't see the lightning strikes. We were under a tornado watch but luckily nothing came of that! Earlier one of the park people had come around and warned us about the wind as we had up a shelter/canopy thing. We took off the cover as the frame was well pegged down. Our tent has been through a lot of rain before so I wasn't too worried about it taking on rain or leaking and (thankfully) we stayed dry. It was quite cold the first couple of nights (down to about 39F/3C) and I was glad when it warmed up a bit! 

The second place we went to we were in a Yurt

It had rained quite a lot before we arrived. Some of the trails were flooded and bridges underwater. The path leading to the Yurt was really wet but we had no rain when we arrived. I think because of the excess of water and then heat (as it got quite hot quickly) there was an infestation of biting flies. By infestation I mean you walk along and you are covered! I was glad we were in the yurt as we could sit inside for a few hours (late afternoon until evening) when they started to clear. I got bit and am a little allergic to them as I my ear swelled up (still swollen now) and I ended up looking like I had a black eye as one bit near my eye. Yuck. 

We got out and did some walking (along a couple of trails that weren't too bad). I took a lot of photos (as always). I was glad to be able to see some lovely scenery and relax and enjoy. I took along several books and read them all! I took some gentle walks by myself (when husband and son were relaxing) and saw some new-to-me birds and flowers. We took a trip to Mackinac Island where no cars are allowed. All-in-all a lovely trip. 

I didn't do as much night photography as I was hoping. I did get to set up the tripod a couple of times. I really need to do it more! I really liked this one I took of Mackinac Bridge at night. 

I'll have to catch up posting my Photo-a-Day (again lol). 

Haven't done a lot today. It's been a relaxing day before getting back into the swing of things tomorrow!


  1. Did you take any photos of the inside of the yurt? I bet it was gorgeous.

  2. Welcome back! Glad you had a safe camping trip, with all that weather!

  3. Welcome home.
    I find storms a bit scary too. xx

  4. So glad you enjoyed your holiday. You're braver than I am ... not sure that I'd like to be in a tent during a storm, especially with lightning!

    I love your photo of the bridge and the detail you've managed to get in the water.


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