Thursday, June 2, 2022


It was raining when I got up this morning, so a slow beginning to the morning. That was fine with me as I woke up with a sore throat. I had a little bit of one yesterday morning, but I thought it was just because I had slept with my mouth open and our bedroom was warm and dry, but no, it was there again this morning along with a runny nose and a few aches. I thought I should probably take a covid test as husband and I were planning on going away for the weekend (Friday night and Saturday night). The test was negative so I just have the garden variety summer cold (is it still considered Spring?) or a touch of something else. Hopefully it will resolve itself soon. 

Once the rain cleared I did go for a walk. Not a long one though. My runny nose was not helped by the high pollen count and some allergies and I just wasn't feeling like being out too long. Husband said he would stop by the shops for me and pick up a few bits so I could go home, take a nice warm bath, take some pills and a little nap. 

It's not going to be a strenuous weekend. We are 'camping' in a mini cabin. It has electricity but no water (there are toilets and such nearby). We won't be around a lot of people and plan on just walking in the state park (where the campground is). There is a lovely nature area and beach nearby. I am looking forward to it. I really didn't want to cancel, but would have had to if I had Covid. 

Catching up with some more of my Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile

146/365 (26th May)

Not really a smile, as I broke my phone, but smiling because it was easily replaced and the salesman was so helpful. I know it was his job but he seemed like he was really honest, which I appreciated. 

147/365 (27th May)

Everything is looking so very green. It's lovely after months full of brown and dull. This is one of my favourite views and always makes me smile. 

148/365 (28th May)

First camping trip of the season! Always a reason to make me smile! We only have a few booked this year. We like to go before it gets too hot and there are too many bugs. 

149/365 (29th May)

Had a lovely day and so many reasons to smile. I thought of Mum and how I would tell her of our adventures. She would have thought me crazy when I told her about the cold nights! 

This is me as I set up to try to take photos of the Mackinac Bridge at night. I'm not great at night photography but I gave it a go and had fun trying!

150/365 (30th May)

Camping weekend over. On our way back we stopped at McGulpin Point Lighthouse. The last time we were here was in February and the lake was iced over with shards of ice. The lake level has dropped enough this year that the rocks are visible again!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll check in on Sunday when we get back!


  1. I hope it is just a cold and that you are feeling better soon and can still get away for your weekend trip.xx

  2. Hugs. The allergies and the bugs going around at the moment make things tough. My mother always used to say that you should drink rum for the minor coughs and colds. It didn't cure anything, but if you took enough rum, you didn't notice. And you are much braver than me camping!


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