Friday, June 10, 2022

Friday - tomorrow is...

 ...camping day! We're off until next Friday camping. I'm not sure the weather is going to co-operate but hey I'm English and we just deal with the weather lol. I've packed warm clothes, rain clothes and a couple of lighter clothes in hopes the weather will be warmer. Who knows? I have also packed a couple of books, magazines and a notebook to maybe write if I feel like it. I have also packed camera, lenses and tripod (in hopes the weather will co-operate). I am looking forward to doing a little walking and a lot of relaxing. 

We were at Jane's today and managed to get the remainder of the paperwork sorted. When we were getting ready for the sale, we found several built-in file cabinets that were full of stuff. We sorted through it today. There were years - a lot of years - of tax returns, cheque books and files with various titles - birds, family, weight loss etc. There were a few treasures to be found in the way of family photos. One step closer. 

I'm feeling a bit better but still have a bit of a cough. I think it's being exasperated by allergies as I feel worse when I am outside (that doesn't bode well for the camping lol). 

I hope everyone has a good week. I will try to check in but phone coverage can be spotty at times. 

Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile 160/365 

Rain, Rain go away. It is kind of nice to see the reflections in the puddles. Smiling because, although it was wet in the grass and mud, it didn't actually rain while we were walking!


Just such a difference from yesterday. Sun shining, lovely reflections. Look at all that green!


  1. It's definitely allergy season with all the pollen around. Photo's of reflections always look so special don't they.

  2. Send some of that rain my way! LOL! Enjoy your week of camping! I hope you have good weather!

  3. You're a braver girl than I am - camping with what sounds like hay fever. Good luck with that.
    Actually, to be fair, some aspects of camping life really do appeal but overall, a nice holiday cottage is more my cuppa coffee!!

    As always - stunning photos. xx

  4. Yes, it has been a tough allergy year. I hope you have a fun time!


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