Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Hot - Happy Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice! The longest day of the year. It just seemed like yesterday it was the shortest day of the year. 

It was a really hot day here in Michigan. It's currently almost nine o'clock at night and it is still 91C/33C.  Too hot for me. I managed to go for a walk this morning but it got warm pretty quickly and it wasn't that pleasant. I ran my errands, came home and did some sorting and then nothing. The heat seems to zap all my energy! It reached 98F/37C and the heat index was over 100F. 

I picked up a few grocery items - and cringed at the price. I did stop at the bookshop - not for books but to pick up a couple of magazines (English ones only this shop carries).  I managed to avoid buying books (thank goodness) but this bookmark called to me and I didn't resist. I'm not caught up with my Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile, but this was definitely today's 


Tomorrow is back to Jane's. Her neighbourhood has their quarterly rubbish pick-up on Thursday. This is when you can put large items out including furniture and such. We are planning on putting out a few older pieces that are broken or damaged. There are people who drive around and reclaim anything they find usable. If it's still there in the morning it is picked up by the rubbish people. I expect that a lot of what we put out will be taken. It just isn't the kind of things I would feel comfortable donating as bits are broken. 

I'm going for a walk in the morning though the heat makes me really double think that lol. My day doesn't start the same without the walk. As we are going to Jane's tomorrow I'll walk at my usual place but on Thursday I think I'll walk somewhere else. Because of the tall grasses and bugs at the place I usually walk I always wear long trousers and a long cotton shirt. There are a lot of ticks in the grass (I always check myself when I get home). The other place I walk (a little further afield) is a lot more open so I can wear normal clothes. 

Tomorrow will be eleven months since Mum passed. I still can't believe it. I miss her all the time. Sometimes it seems forever has passed, but other times it still seems like yesterday. I think I'll have a little glass of something and try to think of a fun time we had together. It has to stop hurting at some time, right? 

166/365 (15th June)

Sunrise. So peaceful and beautiful. 

167/365 (16th June)

Had a beautiful day out. This was the day we visited Mackinac Island. I saw lots that made me smile but seeing this Phone Box really made my day. It was such an unexpected delight!

168/365 (17th June)

Another sunrise. Our last camping day. Sad that it's over.

169/365 (18th June)

Back walking at my usual haunt. 

170/365 (19th June)

Lazy day at home - spent time looking at some of my photos from the camping holiday. 

171/365 (20th June)

Just a pretty reflection

All caught up now! Back again tomorrow!


  1. Your weather was hotter, today, than ours! We only went up to 90F! Beautiful photos! How unusual to find a phone booth in the middle of what looks like a park!

    1. Yes it was too hot! I really enjoyed seeing the phone box. It was right by the Grand Hotel, a famous hotel on the island.

  2. That quarterly rubbish collection sounds fantastic. I do wish we had something like that round here although the tips are very well organised and not too far away.

    I don't think the hurt (the intense feelings) will go away but I can feel the feelings for Mum and gradually merging into something more gentle and warm. I'm still feeling Dad's loss more sharply though - it will be a year on Sunday.

    Many hugs and lots of love and understanding to you. xx

    1. Sending hugs your way. It certainly isn't easy. There are so many times I think about calling her or something I have to tell her and then I remember that I can't.

      The rubbish pick up is great. It certainly makes sorting things a little easier. It's nice that people come and pick up the things that they can use too!

  3. Now that would be way too hot for me. I wilt in the heat.

    1. It's too hot for me. I'm using that as my excuse for not getting as much done as I had hoped. I just felt as though my energy had been totally zapped.

  4. Obviously the photo with the iconic British phone box has to be my favourite of today's selection. It would have made my day too.

  5. Beautiful pics. No-one could resist that bookmark, it's beautiful and has a great sentiment.

    Sending all good vibes for the work at Jane's house. Hopefully it will make a space to breathe and you can see how far you've come.

    Also, lots of hugs for the loss of your mum.

    1. Thanks. I love bookmarks. I have trouble resisting most!


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