Saturday, June 25, 2022


 Slept in a little this morning, but to be fair I stayed up late too. 

I wasn't planning on a walk as we had plans to go to Jane's. We loaded up a few of my donation pieces (that have been sitting around far too long!) and then we headed over to Jane's. We managed to load up two vans full of donations. There is a charity shop not far from Jane's house so it's pretty convenient. Felt good to get rid of all that stuff! There will be a small load that will need to go as we finish packing up what is left. We managed to get all the furniture MIL wanted loaded up too. My FIL had arranged for someone to come get two heavy chairs so those are gone too! It's really coming along. We are planning to take Monday off and go back Wednesday and Friday. On Wednesday the plan is to get anything else packed up. Friday will be some cleaning. Then maybe - maybe - we will be done! It will be sad to say goodbye to the house, but I will be glad that it is all finished. It really is looking very empty now.

The rest of the day is pretty empty. I should be doing things, but I'm procrastinating. I might sort out a couple of things later. I have lots of stuff to put up on Ebay but I'm not sure I'll do much of it until I get back. I think when we take the rest of Jane's things to be donated I'll try to add some of my stuff in the mix. There is a closet I need to clean and some books to go. It seems like a good time to get rid of them.

Phone Photo - Things That Make Me Smile

I don't have a lot of flowers in my garden. The deer tend to eat most of them before they even grow. However, this is one that comes up in my little wildflower patch each year. I have no idea what it is. Though as I write this I stuck this photo in my app and it says this is some sort of lily. It did make me smile as, like I said, it's one of the few flowers in my garden. 

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable Saturday!


  1. That flower is beautiful - such a regal colour! You have done amazing things with Jane's house. Sending hugs.

  2. You got a lot accomplished, today, at Jane's house! I think you should just take the rest of the day off and relax! Beautiful flowers! It looks like an Asiatic lily.

  3. It looks lily-ish to me too - it's lovely.
    Well done for pretty much sorting Jane's house. It's been a real marathon, hasn't it?

  4. I'm so glad that I don't have any major garden pests... I'd pretty soon get fed up of deer and wouldn't think them cute i they were eating my produce.

  5. You and you MiL have done so well clearing Jane's home. You should give yourself a pat on the back for the a tremendous achievement.


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