Wednesday, June 1, 2022

June Already! (Catch up - Again)

 I can't believe it's June already! Where has this year gone? 

Had a lovely time camping, though it was a little cold at night. It was a relaxing weekend. I got to see some birds - there are a few trails in the park where we camped - and we took a walk on Sunday. We are going away again this weekend. This time it is just husband and I and we are in a mini cabin so if it is a little cold we will have some heat and electricity. 

We were back at Jane's today. We have listed the house for sale! I feel as though there is an end in sight! We have a lot of boxing up to do and stuff to get rid of but the man we have listing the house didn't seem to think the things we had in there was a problem. He was very personable and easy to get along with. He seemed to appreciate Jane's house even though there is some decorating that needs to be done. It helps that it's a seller's market. Fingers crossed it won't be on the market long. We will have to get working on getting it cleared out. If it does need to be done in a hurry (ie it sells quickly and the buyer wants to close asap) we will pull an all-hands-on-deck and get it all packed up and out of there. 

As I said in the last post I broke my phone. I am continuing on with my Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile project but there are a few I will have to replace with camera photos (I think I took about the same thing on my camera). 

An edit here - as I was loading these I see that my photos appear to all be there (hopefully). Not sure how. Maybe an automatic upload? At least they appear to be lol. 

141/365 (Saturday 21st May)

Last day at daughter's and a photo of the Eagles' Nest. I really enjoyed seeing them and this view made me smile - especially when one was sitting out there like he was then!

142/365 (22nd May)

Back home and finally sorting through some photos! I thought I was going to get more done at daughter's, but it was lovely to just relax and have a good time. 

143/365 (23rd May)

Back to my usual walk and watching the beavers at the lake. What a view!

144/365 (24th May)

Chipmunks always make me smile!

145/365 (25th May)

Took a walk somewhere different. This tree reminded me of the books I read when I was a child. There were trees that were magical. I always look at these holes and imagine entry to another world. 


  1. So good to hear that you are getting to the end of the house clearing. Hope it sells quickly - but not too quickly that you have to rush

    1. Thanks! That's what we're hoping for. It will be nice to have an end in sight

  2. This year is going so quickly isn't it? I hope you get a quick sale on Jane's home.

    1. It's going very quickly. We are hoping for a quick sale so we can be done.

  3. You have such incredible wildlife there don't you. That tree looks as though it could tell a tale or two.

    1. That's exactly what I thought about the tree!

  4. It's hard to believe that we are already on the 6th month of the year, isn't it?
    Sorry your old phone broke; but, how lovely that your photos were saved! Great photos, as always!
    I hope Jane's house will sell quickly and for the asking price. You got it cleared and on market in record time, I think!
    Enjoy your weekend of camping! Hope you have great weather.

    1. Thank you. We are hoping the house sells quickly. It will be nice to have an end date in sight. MIL wants it done so she can properly grieve her sister.


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