Tuesday, September 6, 2022

As it was a holiday here in the states it's going to be one of those weeks where I forget what day it is! 

Thanks for all the comments regarding Mum's birthday. I dreamt of her last night too. All night - or at least every time I woke up - I remembered dreaming of her. They weren't nightmares, just a little sad.

I got up and went for my walk this morning. I wasn't really feeling it again. I am hoping that by going camping next week it will give me a break and maybe I will start enjoying them more again. The temperature wasn't too bad but it was still quite muggy so a little uncomfortable by the end of it. 

I came home, did my housework stuff and did a little more crafting. Of course, I didn't get to photos of all I've been doing but I took a few photos of a couple of small albums. I've been doing a couple of a different style, but those weren't the ones I took photos of. 

There isn't a lot of difference between the two albums as I'm trying to use up the paper pad. It was quite a big 12 x 12 one and I wanted to get rid of it! I like creating these ones. I really like the waterfall (right) part of it. It's just a matter of making sure all the paper lines up properly. I can't seem to cut a straight line even with a paper cutter lol. 

Things That Make Me Smile Day 249 

A view of the field of Goldenrod. I love this view at this time of year. The yellow is just amazing. When I see it I always think of September and the upcoming Autumn. It signals an end to the wildflowers. I think this is the last of the colour in the field. 


  1. Both your albums are beautiful and so is that photo of the field of goldenrod.

  2. Those albums are so pretty and dainty. They look lovely and magical. The field looks bright and cheerful. I think we all have our own markers for autumn. Mine is when the fireweed seeds start blowing around. They always seem to start when schools go back.

  3. The mini albums are lovely. Do you use them yourself or pass them on as gifts?

    The field of goldenrod looks amazing ... great photo!

    1. I have made a couple to give away as gifts but right now a bunch of them are sitting up in my craft room . I love the Goldenrod - thanks!


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