Monday, September 5, 2022

Long weekend

 Took a mini-blog-break. I will catch up on reading blogs and replying to comments tomorrow. I was going to post yesterday but it was Mum's birthday, and I really wasn't in the blogging mood. My sister did send photos of the Daisy Day and, I'm glad to report, that there was a daisy there from me. 

I haven't done much household stuff all weekend. I have been up in the craft room and will take photos tomorrow. I spent several hours up there as the weather was a little cooler especially yesterday and today. Husband and I went out together Saturday and Sunday. Today I went for a walk by myself. It was lovely. I didn't go as early as I usually do as it was dark and cloudy, but it was lovely and peaceful when I did go. There was hardly anyone else around. It was just lovely. 

Husband is back to work tomorrow. He is working three ten-hour days so that he can take Friday off. We are then off for a week's camping with daughter!!! It's been since May that I have seen her. They are meeting us with their camper up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It should be fun. I shall be loading books on my Kindle and taking my camera and tripod with me. So excited. 

Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile Day 246 (Sat)

We were on our way to the beach on Saturday - quite early - and I saw the sun beginning to rise. I had husband pull over so I could take a photo. What a beautiful start to the morning!

Day 247 (Sun)

We went to the wildlife refuge yesterday. A day out trying to smile when my heart was aching. 

Day 248 (Mon)


Be back tomorrow. 


  1. Sending you much love and understanding hugs. xx

  2. (((HUGS))) Sharon. It must have been a difficult day for you, but, I'm glad that there was a daisy from you. :) How exciting to have that camping trip to look forward to, next weekend!

  3. Sending hugs. I'm glad your sister was able to attend the Daisy Day event as was able to send a photo of your daisy.

    Not long to wait until you see your daughter again ... hope you have a fantastic time. x


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