Wednesday, September 28, 2022


The week seems to be going by so quickly! I've been plodding along. Some hits and misses on the path to sorting things and getting things organised. Progress is a lot slower than I had hoped for. It seems as though the day passes by so quickly. I obviously need to work on my time management!

I have been up in the craft room again. I am slowly getting it sorted though I seem to get distracted and end up crafting more than sorting. On that note, I shall have projects to share soon. 

Can you believe it's almost the end of the month? Gasp, horror, it's almost October!! The days here are certainly getting shorter. We might have our first frost tonight. I am a little excited as it might mean nice photos in the morning! I am not looking forward to it being so cold though. I had to dig out some warmer clothes to walk with in the morning. Talking of walking, I felt a little mean this morning. My walking friend had told me last week and on Monday that she had an appointment this morning and wouldn't be available to walk. I decided not to walk, but just to wander along and take photos. I was still going to our usual place but I wasn't going for a walk walk. Yesterday she texted me later in the day and said her appointment had been cancelled and she would be at our usual place walking. I told her that, although I would be at our usual place, I wasn't planning on walking. She seemed to take it okay. Maybe I'm over thinking it. Sigh. I did enjoy my wander and experimented a little with my photography. Sometimes I like to just meander along, stopping and watching and I know she doesn't always like that. 

I enjoy walking with my friend, but sometimes I like going alone. As I said, sometimes I like to stop and stare and observe more than I walk. I'm thinking of maybe going one day a week by myself and just meander along, maybe somewhere different than the usual place I go. 

This has turned into a bit of a ramble! 

Day 270 Things That Make Me Smile

Yesterday, I had fun stamping some images to use on cards. Made me smile. 

Day 271

Came across this lovely orange fungus while walking in the woods today. I think this is the most in one place I've ever seen. Kind of made me smile! I was looking for the little things and somtimes that means looking down!


  1. I know, the days are just zipping by! Sounds like you've been quite productive, though; crafting counts! It's OK to want to walk and amble along on your own, sometimes. I like the idea of walking with your friend on most days and taking a day to go on your own. Unusual photo of the tree surrounded by the fungi!

    1. It's something I do think I want to do. I hope she understands. I feel as though there aren't enough hours in the day sometimes, though I think it's a lack of time management on my part!

  2. It's surprising what you can find to take a photo of when solitude concentrates the senses to observe what is around you. If and when I walk with someone, which is very rare these days, I see nothing.

  3. The stamps are awesome.

    I think that sometimes you need to be able to just wander. It's like vitamins for the soul.

  4. Thanks for sharing the poem. That is exactly it!


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