Saturday, September 17, 2022

Back - Sad News

Just a quick note to say we are back. Not quite the holiday we were expecting. 

We were supposed to spend the week camping with daughter, son-in-law and three huskies. Unfortunately, while we were camping Shasta (daughter's dog) was not doing well. She was excited to see us and we had a couple of not bad days. By Monday she was not eating and by Tuesday she was drinking water constantly and being sick. She was barely walking at all. The vet in the town we were at would not take out-of-town visitors even in emergencies (not sure what kind of vet that is). Daughter found one about thirty miles out and took Shasta there on Tuesday. They did xrays and found she had three tumors - one large and two smaller ones that were causing internal bleeding. The vet said that an ultrasound would be able to determine if surgery could be performed. The ultrasound could only be done on Thursday about an hour or so away so they scheduled the appointment. In the meantime, Shasta became weaker. She wasn't eating or moving. 

They made the painful decision to not put her through anything else and to let her go. They left the campground early (4.45) Thursday morning to make the ten-hour journey home. They kept Shasta as comfortable as they could on the journey home and made an appointment for that night for her to be put to sleep. 

We left the campground on Friday. It wasn't the same without them. 

Shasta was a lovely companion to our daughter. When daughter moved from Michigan to Minnesota Shasta was her only friend. Daughter was really lonely and Shasta kept her company. She was the reason she met friends in Minnesota (through the Husky group) and she met her husband because of Shasta (he was part of the Husky Group). Shasta adored daughter from the moment she met her. When daughter decided to rescue a husky she was looking for a younger dog, but Shasta caught her heart. 

Daughter is devasted. 

Shasta was the first husky I had met. I must admit to being a little apprehensive, but Shasta was such a sweet dog. We're not sure of her first few years, but she was a lovable dog. There was nothing more she loved than having her belly rubbed. When I visited I would sit for ages and rub her belly and she would gently paw me so I wouldn't stop. She was always really excited to see me. She had a lovely smile. I don't think I've ever seen a dog smile before. 

The very first day daughter met Shasta. Even then Shasta adored her. 

A photo I took this week.

A couple of my favourites.  

She's free from pain and running wild. 


  1. So sorry to hear this, I know how much you loved Shasta even though she was your daughter's dog.

  2. (((HUGS))) I'm so sorry to hear about Shasta. She was a beautiful dog! I'm sure she will be missed.

  3. May our thoughts and prayers be with your family at this time. It is so had to lose a puppy family member, and may she run free in puppy heaven.

  4. Oh that's so sad. She was a beautiful dog and I'm sure she will be missed. I hope you daughter is ok. Your photos are wonderful, especially the last one.

  5. So sorry. Our pets are part of the family and leave a big hole when they go.

  6. The loss of a much loved pet is heartbreaking. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  7. So so sorry. I'm sending very sincere condolences. I always say that they may have four feet and a tail, but they are part of the family and personalities in their own right. Shasta was a darling. Sending all good vibes and hugs x


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