Thursday, September 8, 2022

Today :(

Quite a sad day today. Made me miss home. I always check the BBC UK news website in the morning and saw the news that The Queen was taken ill. I knew it had to be bad when all her family were called to her side. I put the live feed on my phone as I went about my daily household chores and watched as the flag over Buckingham Palace was lowered. The news presenter was almost in tears. I was in tears. For most of us we have never known another monarch. Love the monarchy or hate them, but she was a strong woman, a woman who worked right up until the very end. Things will never be the same. 

I saw a couple of drawings that just caught my eye

I checked in with my Ipswich Facebook Group (ex-pats like me who live in the US but were originally from Ipswich). It's always nice at difficult times to chat (even online) with others who know exactly how you feel as you are so far from home. 

We're off camping tomorrow. A week with daughter and son-in-law. It will be a nice break. I am looking forward to it and hoping the weather will cooperate. 

Things That Make Me Smile Day 250

Foggy morning.

Things That Make Me Smile 251 

I packed my bag and in it I put...probably too much. Trying to decide what to pack as it might be chilly at night and I don't want to be cold!

This suitcase was Mum's. I have had it for many years. She 'loaned' it to me several years ago when I needed an extra case to bring back. Since then it has been back and forth with me for several years. It has also been several places here in the states. It is looking a little battered now, but has served me well and I'll probably hang onto it until it falls apart. 

Talk Soon 


  1. Those are delightful drawings with the Queen and her beloved horse and corgi. This is a sad day for the world as many of us admired her and her dedication. RIP from me in America.

  2. That was lovely, thank you.

    Have a wonderful holiday. xx

  3. I felt sad to hear of her passing, Sharon.
    How nice to have your Mum's suitcase! I hope you have a lovely time with your daughter and her husband. :)

  4. It's very sad news and the end of an era. I hope King Charles becomes the strong monarch our country needs to bring some stability at such a difficult time for the nation.

  5. It's been so strange, watching it all. Like a small piece of stability gone. I hope you have a great time camping.

  6. She was a strong woman! Oh, enjoy your vacation! Looking forward to seeing some photos. Yes, hang on to it until it falls apart.


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