Monday, October 24, 2022

Monday, Monday

Another warm day in my corner of Southwest Michigan. I got up early and went for a walk. By the time my walk was done I just had time to stop in at the Post Office before my Covid/Flu vaccine appointment. The appointment was for 11.30 but it was closer to 12 by the time I was called in. When I first got there I was told that they couldn't find my flu vaccine. I could wait some more, but it would take longer. I said no, I'll just have the Covid one. Then my name was called again and I was told they had found my flu vaccine. Lol. I finally got called in and had them both. I asked the lady giving them what she recommended as far as having them in separate arms or the same one. She said she'd opt for the same then, if your arm aches for either of them, you'll only have one aching arm lol. I had them both done in the arm opposite to the side I sleep on. The last time my arm really ached afterwards and then I had trouble sleeping as I was resting on that arm.

So far, so good! My arm is a little tender if pressed, but not sore (so far, touch wood lol). 

It was actually warm enough that I had a cheese salad for tea tonight. I love salads, but we don't tend to eat as much of them in the winter as we want something warm! The guys had a salad with ham 

Day 297

Colours at the lake this morning. Really lovely. 

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  1. Your salad looks delicious!
    Good decision to get both vaccines on the same arm so you will have only one sore arm! Hopefully, you will not have any side effects.


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