Thursday, October 6, 2022

The last couple of days have been okay. Not as productive as I had hoped, but I've been listing some things, sorting a few odds and ends, doing some housework and going for walks. 

I walked with my friend today but had yesterday by myself as she had something else on. I was kind of glad. It was nice to go by myself and just wander again. I was a little...perturbed with her the other day as she let it slip that her husband had recently had Covid. She had said absolutely nothing to me before. I would like to think I would have at least mentioned it to her if someone in my household has it and give her the option of walking with me. 

I talked with middle son today - usually do at least once a day during the week. I think he likes to use me as a sounding board for work. He works for a newspaper, arranging the stories and photos for different newspapers. It requires reading lots of news stories/opinion columns and picking out pictures (from what I can gather). It was a bit upsetting today as one of the papers he was on was running stories of the daycare killings in Thailand and there were apparently really graphic colour photos that were sent with the story.

Husband has been working long days again this week so he can take tomorrow off. We are headed up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to (hopefully) catch some of the lovely colour up there. There are lots of trees and beautiful scenery. It is just the two of us. We are hoping to see some good colour and - so far - the weather looks to be good, though a little cool. 

Day 278 

Looking up. The leaves are starting to change here too! Autumn is my favourite season. 

Day 279 

Beautiful skies and a lovely morning!


  1. It's looking pretty autumnal too. I noticed some changes on the drive up to the Peak District two weeks ago and when we came down, it was significantly more red, brown and yellow. Very attractive and so colourful. I love autumn. xx

  2. I would have been very upset if someone I walked with didn't mention that a spouse had Covid! Especially if we were walking without masks.
    I heard about the killings in the daycare center in Thailand on the news, today; at least they blurred the images on TV. I'm glad your son is able to talk to you about it.
    I hope you have a wonderful time in the UP and enjoy the fall colors. :)

  3. That must be really tough on your son. I hope he is okay.

    I have been so careful and trying to avoid people with just a cold! Even after finding out so much about Covid, it's still a dangerous disease and I think it still should be taken seriously!

    I hope that you stay well.


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