Wednesday, October 19, 2022


I survived the dentist. I was very anxious despite the anxiety meds I took. But I tried to think of Mum and hear her encouraging voice as I laid back in the chair. She was always great about helping me get through the appointments. She definitely knew how much I hated going! I took a quick walk after the appointment as the weather wasn't great and then crashed when I got home and just slept. The meds always make me feel like that.  

Today was the year anniversary of Aunt Jane's death. I've been feeling a little weepy all day. I just keep thinking about her and Mum and how things change in such a short space of time. After husband and son got home from work we went to the cemetery and put some flowers on her grave. I've been thinking about Jane quite a bit lately especially when we visit new lighthouses. We have visited six new lighthouses this year! I think I'm going to sort through some more of Jane's postcards and see if I can find postcards of the new lighthouses we've visited this year and see how they compare to my photos. 

I haven't done a lot of sorting the last few days. I have housework to catch up on tomorrow and some washing. One good thing accomplished this week - husband took two pretty big boxes to the charity shop yesterday. Still have a lot to sort through but was quite pleased with the two boxes. 

After my walk tomorrow I am really going to try to concentrate on house stuff instead of getting distracted!

Things That Make Me Smile Day 290 (Monday)

Starting a new book! It's been on my to-read list for a while. When I'm finished it will be one more to add to the donation pile! I am slowly working my way through them. 

Day 291 (Tuesday)

Reflections. Pleased that I managed to get a walk in after the dentist and between rain showers! 

Day 292 (Wednesday)

It's been so wet and dismal the last few days, quite cold too. I was debating whether to go for a walk this morning or not. It was dark and dull and cold. I did go and for just a little while - probably half an hour or so - most of the clouds cleared and there was lovely blue sky. I stood for a while and watched a Blue Heron perching on a log. So peaceful. I managed to make it home before the rain!


  1. That is a sad anniversary for you about Aunt Jane's death. I relate to having fear of dental procedures beyond simple teeth cleaning. How fun to visit 6 light houses.

    1. Thanks for the comment. It's been lovely visiting the lighthouses. Jane certainly inspired my love of lighthouses.

  2. Glad you survived the dentist! I hate dentist appointments, too! Hard to believe it's been a year since Jane passed away! Well done on the decluttering, too! I was thinking of you because the new reports are saying there is record cold in the forecast for the Midwest and the Northeast. Hope it doesn't get too cold!

    1. It doesn't seem like a year has passed.

      It's been cold here, but no snow yet! Thankfully.

  3. There is always such a gap when you lose someone close and I don't think that it is ever filled. All you can do is enjoy the memories. Thinking of you.


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