Monday, July 11, 2016

Another Scenic Sunday

Another beautiful day here in Michigan so we got ourselves off and started early before the roads got too busy. We'd actually missed a lighthouse we thought we'd done so we took a trip to it. Little Sable Lighthouse. There is a Big Sable Lighthouse that we have visited on May 31st. We went to that one with some friends and walked up to the top.

I'm not sure why this was called Little Sable Lighthouse. I'm not sure why. When we talked to one of the tour guides he told us Little Sable was actually a little taller than Big Sable.

It's lovely as it came into view. There are a couple of large sand dunes in front of it. We were not foolish enough to walk up the really big hill you see but we did walk up one leading to the lighthouse not realising there was a flat concrete path a little further up!

There are 139 steps up to the top of this one and, yes, we did climb them!

There are a couple of hatches you have to duck through to get out to the top.

I wouldn't recommend looking down the steps!

The views are just spectacular. It was well worth the climb.

I love these little signs they had - especially this one about the shoes!
Seeing the actual light up close was great to see!

The walk down was a little easier than the one up, thank goodness. You receive a little sticker when you've done the climb up!

It's a really beautiful lighthouse. Originally there was a lightkeeper's house attached but it was sadly torn down and, as you can see from the sign, it originally had a different name too.

I am really enjoying visiting these lighthouses. This will be the last for a while though.


  1. Lighthouses are so intriguing. Glad you made it all the way to the top! Wonderful views.

  2. looks like a great adventure and some awesome photos :)

  3. I've never been to Lake Michigan, but I have enjoyed your pictures today! What a wonderful lighthouse! Thank you for your comment on my blog! We are moving to Oregon in a couple of months, so I am crazy packing and don't have much time for other endeavors, plus it's so hot here, I don't get out unless I have to. So, if I disappear for a week at a time, I'll be back! :-)


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