Thursday, July 7, 2016

Garden Update & Five on Friday

It's Friday again. The week has flown by as hubby didn't go back to work until Tuesday. I've been off a day all week. I'm joining with Amy over at Love Made my Home for Five on Friday. I only have two Fridays left until I leave to visit Mum for seven weeks. I am such a procrastinator that I won't even begin packing until a day or so before.

This Friday I'm posting about five things I've been thinking about this week.

It's coming along nicely. Sadly I don't think I'm going to get to enjoy any of the produce. Maybe a tomato or two. I am so excited that things are growing. It is in need of some serious weeding. I will get to that soon!

Flowers are beginning on my pumpkins!

Some nice green tomatoes


And I still have some flowers growing in my wildflower garden. So pleased.


I have too many of them, but I can't seem to get rid of any. They are like good friends. The ones I have read seem to draw me back again and again. Yes, there are some I haven't read yet. I don't buy new very much anymore. We have a fantastic little bookshop at our library and I seem to have great luck finding new releases there for only a dollar or so. They have some great crafty books sometimes too.

Sadly, this is not all the collection. I WILL do some serious sorting when I get back in September and I will not bring many books back with me. I usually find some great books in the charity shops. Sigh.


Yes, I'm still thinking about it! I had a lot better time than I imagined I would. We were in a tent and though we got a little wet one morning when we were packing up and I got a little chilly one night, I had a lot of fun. There is just something about being outside in the evening sitting around the camp fire and enjoying the peace and quiet. I miss it.


Very random, I know, but my son was over tonight and he was showing me a picture that he'd taken of the sunset over Lake Michigan close to where he lives. I don't have a clear view of Sunset here. I love looking at them. There can be many different kinds, different colours, but there is a peacefulness about them that just warms my insides.

I can't help thinking about it. I usually end up getting homesick about the year mark of not visiting. There's a lot I miss - especially Mum. We are taking coach holidays to Devon and to Scotland while I am over. I haven't been to either place before so am so excited. I know Mum is looking forward to getting away too. I can't wait to have some Fish & Chips at Felixstowe and sit and eat them while looking out at the sea, a cream cake (there is absolutely nothing like an English cake!), a cheese & onion pasty and (yup) some good ol' chocolate. I'm looking forward to sitting on the beach (hopefully the weather will cooperate), walking around the park and visiting some of our favourite places. 

So there it is, some of the random things that have crossed my mind this week.  I haven't been very crafty this week. I did finish the basics of a mini album and I have been working on my stitching. I am hoping to post a finished picture on Saturday! The backstitch is driving me crazy!!!


  1. You have shared some lovely things that are near and dear to your heart. My garden is coming along but we've had a spell of warm weather. Enjoy your weekend dear friend, Pat xx

  2. A really enjoyable five. The weather has not been great so far this summer in the UK but perhaps it is saving itself until your arrival and we will have blue skies then. Fingers crossed!

  3. A great five. Hopefully the weather will cooperate when you visit, it has not been a good summer so far. Funny how we miss fish and chips when we are away.

  4. So enjoyed your Five this week. You make me want to visit England soon.

  5. Great five. Look at your garden grow! Ha! glad the tenting went better than you expected. Glad you are able to travel again to England and enjoy time with your mum!

  6. They may have been random but I like the 5 things that have been on your mind this week very much. Enjoy your trip back home, I know I'm looking forward to our annual visit at the beginning of September and yes, fish & chips are #1 on the list for me too.
    bon weekend

  7. Lovely thoughts from your week! The sunsets are beautiful aren't they. Good to see that someone else has overflowing shelves of books too! Enjoy your English travels!! Hope you can share some of it when you get home again. Thank you for joining in Five On Friday, I hope you have a great weekend! xx

  8. I enjoyed your five and I love those sunsets! Thanks for the visit today! :)

  9. Nice five! Know you're looking forward to your trip to see your Mom, it's hard not living near family.

  10. Although you get homesick, it is great to see all the new beautiful places you have discovered where you are living now. What stunning sunsets. Sounds like you are going to have a great holiday, I hope the weather behaves itself! :-)

  11. Five lovely things. You have a lot to look forward to when visit your Mum and much to look forward to on your return:)

  12. I love your pictures of the beaches in the South of England - they are so special. And there's nothing to beat sunsets for bringing joy into the days.
    Have a wonderful trip.
    Fil @ Fil’s Place - Old songs and Memories

  13. I think the BrRush weather is waiting for you to arrive ;)

  14. Lovely five on Friday! The photo of the sunset is wonderful. Especially I like to see the small boat on the water. Your summer photo on the beach make me miss clear summer. We have a rainy season here in Japan.Happy new week to you!

  15. Thanks for your good wishes for the wedding we hosted yesterday, Sharon! It was a lovely wedding even though there were a few sprinkles of rain during the outside reception. We stayed up till after midnight cleaning up and most in our household either slept in or took naps today :) I am so excited for you that you are planning a nice long visit with your mum, and I hope you have wonderful trip. I am looking forward to camping by the beach during the last week of July and am glad you had a good time camping recently, too.

  16. Your sunset pictures are very beautiful !


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