Friday, July 22, 2016

Flying Today - Five on Friday

I'm joining with Amy over at Love Made My Home   for Five on Friday. It will be a fairly quick one today as I should be packing. I am flying out later today to visit Mum in England. So excited. We usually Skype on Saturdays - this week I'll be able to give her a real hug! It's going to be a hot one here today. It's going to be about 34c when I leave but with the humidity it is going to feel around 40c. We are under a heat advisory. I will be glad to be leaving it behind!

1. Packing - what to bring, what not to bring? I don't pack a lot of toiletries. I'm staying with Mum and she usually keeps some on hand. Clothes, I guess it is a hit and miss with weather. I guess if I really 'need' something and I haven't packed then I can buy it. Right? That's what I tell myself, anyway.

2. Kindles. All charged and loaded with plenty of books. I still prefer paper books but kindles come in handy as I can load up on books and pick and choose depending on my mood. I have my Fire for Internet access (when I do hook up which won't be often) and my paperwhite for actual reading as the battery lasts a lot longer.

3. Camera. Charged up and lenses ready to go. I have a couple of SD cards as I plan on taking a LOT of pictures. I will remember to take the charger lol. Convertor plug already at Mum's.

4. Crafty stuff - do I want to take some or maybe get a kit when I get there? Haven't made my mind up yet. I might take some photos and Project Life pages and go from there. I have a few hours to make up  my mind!

5. Mum's card. It is finished. I tried my hand at the exploding box card. I have purchased a harder box to transport it in. I hope it makes it in one piece! I really like the way it turned out. I put a lot of love in this card and hope it shows.

I'll be popping around to visit some Five on Fridays before I leave. See you in September!


  1. Have a wonderful time in Blighty, you can always nip into M & S if you've forgotten anything. The exploding box card looks amazing, she'll love it I'm sure.
    Happy Landings.

  2. Tried to post my comment and it disappeared! Have a wonderful visit with your Mom! LOVE her gift..really creative! I haven't seen my Mom in over five years and sure wish I could get back east to see her! Have fun.

  3. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your Mum and a great break away. Take care.

  4. that exploding box is really neat! enjoy your visit with your mom!!

  5. Sharon:

    Pack and forget it is my motto. My mum always did her washing on a daily basis and nearly always hung it outside to dry (normal for England) - so you never need quite as many clothes as what you think.

    The forecast looks good for Ipswich for next week. Sunny and currently 73F or 22 C - about perfect. Bit warmer tomorrow 77F or 25C.

    My mum passed away at age 89 and I still miss her. There is no one like your mother. Take care and enjoy every minute.


  6. That's the good thing - I can wash stuff while I'm there. I'm excited about the forecast and keeping fingers crossed that the weather is good. Mum is looking forward to getting out even if we just go for a walk in the park and a nice long chat. My sisters are there, but they have their own families and work so she usually goes out by herself. I am thankful for every day I will get to spend with her.

    If you don't mind me asking, where are you from originally and where are you now?

    1. I grew up in Kesgrave which is just outside Ipswich and was a small village but now quite large. After my dad died my mum moved to Felixstowe to be closer to my sister who regrettably passed on at age 52. I have a brother living in Ipswich and a brother in Woodbridge.

      Currently live on the Illinois side across from St. Louis, MO.
      Until mum died I went home every year. The direct flights from St. Louis to London stopped and that made the journey that much harder especially since hubby and I are getting a bit long in the tooth now so have traveled more in the States. On our trips home to the U.K. we always added on holidays. Great fan of B&B's.

    2. It's really nice to 'meet' you. I tried to see if you had a blog but couldn't see one attached to your profile.

      It is a small world, isn't it? I lived in Woodbridge for about a year when I first got married. I go visit every time I go back. It's wonderful to walk along the river. I am lucky enough to go back yearly. I fly from where I am to Detroit or Chicago as I am in the middle of the two. We've got two mini breaks planned - Devon and Scotland. I am making most of visiting Mum while I can.

      Thanks for the chat!

  7. I know you've been counting the days to your trip and I'm sure your Mum has too and now it's here! Have a good journey and a wonderful time. (Your Mum will love the card).

  8. Your card is amazing and I'm sure your mum will love and treasure it. Have a safe journey and wonderful visit.

  9. Oh what fun. Enjoy your time.

  10. Have wonderful time. Safe travels. Pat

  11. Mom's gonna love her pressie! Hope your trip was a safe one. Creative Blessings! Kelly #38

  12. Have a wonderful visit with your mom! Packing is always a challenge, isn't it? I try to be zen about it, but I always over pack and spend huge amounts of time worrying that I forgot something. Your exploding box card is AMAZING! Great job! I'm sure she will love it. Enjoy your trip :)

  13. Have a great time. Weather's boiling . . . but for how long?!!!

  14. I'm impressed! That exploding card surely took hours and hours. Hope you didn't wrap it and put it in your carry-on. I've heard of people who had to unwrap presents at airport security.

    Can't wait to hear all about your trip later.

  15. great post. By now you are winging your way over the ocean! Have a fun trip! I think your Mom will love the exploding box card. Hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by my desk! Vickie #48

  16. Have a fab trip - that exploding box is fab. #lmmhfiveonfriday


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