Monday, July 4, 2016

Meanderings on Monday

It was a holiday here in the US today. I don't usually do a lot of anything as I'm not American. Hubby sometimes goes out (in years past I've worked) but this year he had no plans. So we decided on a mini-trip.

First stop. We had to drop something off at middle son's place. He lives in a small town on Lake Michigan. While there we decided to visit the lighthouse. We've only been there once before and it was in the dead of winter when the lake was frozen over. We thought we'd take a look while the weather was nice.

The view from the sand dunes.

Each lighthouse. I hadn't realised that there were two of them on the pier! When we went to visit in winter I nipped in and out of car as it was REALLY cold and the view I had then blocked the second one.

You could walk right around the furthest lighthouse. It was quite far from the shore! There were lots of people fishing. It looked like a great place to fish - there seemed to be plenty caught.

It wasn't that busy on our side of the beach but the car park was filling up when we left. There is a firework display later in the night.

The other side of the beach was packed!

From there we travelled on to Yankee Springs Park, another state park a little away from us. We wanted to check out the campsite and see what trails there were. The place was packed solid. Yuck. The campsites were small and really close together with little/no trees so we have scratched that one off our list as a campsite we want to camp at.

There were a few trails around that we'd like to check out later in the year. It was rather humid and, to be honest, I wasn't really dressed for a hike. We walked for a little bit.

All-in-all it was a pleasant day out. Husband goes back to work tomorrow so it's back to normal. I have to get working on Mum's stitching - only two and a half weeks to go!


  1. I've a penfriend who lives very close to Lake Michigan and has sent me pictures and I still can't believe how BIG it is.

  2. It is really big. It's over 22,000 square miles. We're not too far away (about 40 miles to South Haven)which means it's nice to visit in summer but we also get the lake effect snow in the winter (brrrr). One of my favourite trips there was to see the lake frozen over in the winter. It is really beautiful (but cold!). I don't like the cold. My Mum won't come over in winter as it is too cold for her!

  3. Lovely photos from your mini-trip!


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