Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Boxing Day

Well, I survived Christmas Day. It went okay. I did talk and text with daughter throughout the day and she sent photos which really helped. I think she knew I was having a tough time and I'm sure she was missing us too.

Although Boxing Day isn't celebrated within the US we usually do something on Boxing Day. Hubby usually takes the day off and we sit around, playing with presents and eating lots of food. This year middle son is coming over and we're actually going to open all our presents!! We didn't open any at our house yesterday as middle son had to work. So today will be an exchange of presents. They are all currently sitting under the tree awaiting his arrival (which shall be soon!).

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and if things were tough, you made it through it.

A few of the wonderful hand-made ornaments on my talented MIL's Christmas tree.


  1. Happy Boxing Day, Sharon! (((HUGS)))

  2. Enjoy! Those all are adorable ornaments!

  3. Those ornaments are wonderful. I had a very different Christmas from my usual arrangements but thoroughly enjoyed myself. I hope you enjoy your Boxing Day celebration despite the absence of your daughter.


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