Saturday, December 15, 2018

Saturday...and a funny

Typical Saturday here - walk with hubby and then Skype with Mum. I got a couple of daughter's packages out and now that those are sorted (one more of misc. to go) I'm a little more relaxed. I decided not to do anything holiday related this weekend. I did clean up my craft room a little and sort out a couple of things in the living room to get ready for putting the tree up. Tomorrow isn't supposed to be too bad out (cold, but that's a given) so we'll be off for our Sunday walk.

Hubby must have been really tired. He fell asleep downstairs after doing his own hobby stuff. He made it up to bed later. We said goodnight and I told him I'd see him in the morning. He said 'yeah, for a little while'. I stared at him, not sure what he was talking about. So I said 'why? Are you going somewhere?' He looked at me a little puzzled and said 'work'. He hasn't been working overtime for a few weeks so I said 'are you going to work tomorrow? It's Sunday". He thought it was Monday! I looked at where he usually set his work clothes and sure enough they were all laid out ready to go! He must have still been half asleep!

Here's a photo from yesterday. I sometimes forget that, when things are frozen, the birds find it really hard to find fresh water. So yesterday I got rid of the frozen water in the bird bath and added some fresh water - they really enjoyed it!

Joy had asked about the Peppermint Patties recipe. I will post it tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


  1. Thanks, Sharon - I appreciate that.
    Such a lovely, clear photo - doesn't he look content!

  2. That's a great photo of the bird! He looks so happy to have found the water!


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