Friday, December 14, 2018

Busy Day

Had quite a busy day today. I got up quite early and, as it was raining, decided to run a couple of errands first. I had a GC to pick up for daughter's boyfriend, a video game daughter wanted and a couple of household items missed from yet another list. By the time I was done it had stopped raining so I went for a quick walk. It was quite foggy out and rather eerie, but the walk was calming. My plan was to make some peppermint patties when I got home. I thought I had all the ingredients. No. I forgot it had 1/4 tsp vanilla in it and I didn't have any! I used it up the last time I baked something. Sigh. Made me so mad as I had looked at vanilla in the shop when I went and thought 'no, I have plenty of that'. Off out I went, back to the shop up the road, where I promptly got distracted by a couple of friends who work there. They were on their break so I sat with them and had a good old natter.

I did end up making the peppermint patties. One batch at least. I barely remembered to take a photo before packing them! The photos are taken with my phone so not the greatest. Maybe I'll be a little artistic with the next batch!

I have two boxes packed up for daughter - which will go out tomorrow. I have one more to send. I wanted to at least get these out as some things are for her birthday on Wednesday. I'll certainly feel a little bit better when these are on their way. I do need to know how much these ones cost first. I've heard rumours that the post office is in trouble financially. I don't know why! It's always packed when I go in there and they charge an arm and a leg to post anything! I might have to rethink how I do things next year. Sigh.

It 'might' be sunny this weekend, so maybe walking is in the cards. It will be nice to think about something other than the holidays for a couple of days! Hope everyone else will have a good weekend.


  1. Those peppermint patties do look delicious. How do you make them, please?
    Enjoy the walk.

  2. They look good! Is a "natter" a talker? LOL

  3. Love Peppermint Patties. I'm always doing that, thinking I have something and finding out I don't.

  4. We have scaled right back on home made gifts because of the cost of posting them especially to England but even the US ones have become cost prohibitive. So sad.

    1. It was SO expensive to send the box to Mum. Daughter's boxes weren't much cheaper either. I might have to rethink next year. This is the only time I send Mum things from America. I either order online from English shops for delivery or take things when I go over.

  5. Your peppermint patties look delicious! The postage on the package I mailed to my niece cost more than the cost of the gifts inside! :D


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