Tuesday, December 11, 2018

On Track...Maybe?

I managed to get my Mum's calendar, album and her and sisters' cards all done. They are packed up and on their way to England! I'm so glad I got them out. They should be there in plenty of time for Christmas. Next on my list is to get daughter's boxes ready. I was going to sort and start wrapping them up today, but when I woke up (sneezing) my nose started running like crazy and I didn't feel like doing much past the errands I needed to get done (including Post Office to send Mum's gift). So...nope, nothing much more done except usual house stuff. There is always tomorrow! I hope my nose stops running. I'd rather it be stuffed up!

A few pages from my Mum's Wales album. Looking at the photos brought back memories. They make me feel both a mixture of happy and sad. Does that make sense?

Hopefully I'll get a little more done tomorrow. I'm planning on taking some cold medicine and getting an early night. Extra sleep might help!


  1. Sleep well and may the sniffles go back where they came from. Love the book.

  2. The album looks brilliant.
    Hope you feel better today

  3. How weird....I woke up with a runny nose this morning and very sneezy. If it turns into a cold I will be booking myself into the nuthouse as I am teetering on the edge at the moment.

  4. Ughh I hope you feel better. The photo album is lovely! It is inspiring to me to create something like that!

  5. Well done on getting the photo album done and mailed! It looks lovely and I'm sure your mother will enjoy looking through it. Yes, I understand feeling both happy and sad when looking through old photos and recalling the fun times spent with family who is not with us in person. (((HUGS))) Hope you feel better, soon.


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