Tuesday, January 1, 2019

And the Word of the Year is...

(drum roll)…strive.

I must admit to going back and forward with my Word of the Year since I've started thinking about it. Several were short-listed (yes, I've been thinking about it THAT much!).


These are the ones that made the short list. I wrote them down yesterday. At that point I still wasn't sure what my word was going to be. It just wasn't coming to me at all. I decided to just put them away and think on it - maybe even for a few days. Then, on our way home from our walk this morning, I was checking my Instagram and saw a post about a word and followed the link to Dicky Bird's Nest (Jacky's) blog and was reading about her new word for this year. When I saw that her word in 2018 was strive I thought that sounded like a good one, like it fit what I was looking to do in 2019, so I looked up the definition. It wasn't until I got home that I saw it was on the short list!

Definition of Strive: - to make great efforts to obtain or achieve something

So that's the word I've chosen. There are several things I want to achieve (including all the words shortlisted!).

I've also come up with some January goals that I'll share tomorrow.  Do you have a word of the year? Or goals you want to obtain? Happy New Year!


  1. Strive sound like a good work to follow through on for the year. I couldn't decide on a word. Best wishes for 2019.

    1. I was struggling with it. Perhaps something will come to you. Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for the share! It did help me last year! Each time I was about to stop our quit I thought STRIVE. Each time I had some good fortune or a blessing I thought STRIVE. I hope you can do the same as 2019 will unfold both for each of us. I did RECLAIM. I think the STRIVE path lead me to the RECLAIM path in my life.

  3. It's funny how words mean different things to different people. To me, strive means 'struggle' but I prefer your definition!

    1. I kind of like struggle too. I'm not good at sticking to lists/goals so it will definitely be a struggle too!

  4. Great choice of word. I've chosen to continue with 'fulfil' for the time being.

  5. Strive is a good word! I don't normally do a word for the year, but if I did, strive would definitely be a word I'd choose.


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