Thursday, January 24, 2019

Another Day...and a question

Yesterday was a horrible weather day so I stayed inside. It made the day really long though. I can't wait for the warmer spring weather when I can get outside and enjoy the warmth and sunshine! It won't be happening for a while though. Sigh. Yesterday I talked with Mum for a while. I really enjoy our Wednesday chats. We always seem to end up talking about something and I usually learn something new about her.

Today I did manage to get out. There's supposed to be another snow storm on the way for tomorrow so I thought I'd make the most of it and get out, take a walk and run some errands. If I have to stay in on Friday at least I was out for a while today and put off most of the jobs for tomorrow. It was cold out again. Yesterday had been a little warmer so some of the snow melted and then refroze so the paths at the park were pretty icy and uneven. I had to really watch where I was stepping. The stream had defrosted a little so the ducks were back. I took some more food with me and they were really happy!

I even saw the heron flying about today. I thought they always left in the winter but apparently not. I usually catch a glimpse of it near/under one of the bridges.

I tried a new recipe for tonight. I had printed something off the Internet and then I tweaked it more for what I wanted to try. The guys really liked it so now I have to remember what I actually did! I forget to take a photo for it. I can't even remember where I got it now! I know that I liked the site as I was able to choose how many servings I wanted to make and it will tell me how much I needed for the number of servings I'd chosen. I'm trying to cut down on how much of something I make. I chose 3 servings but it certainly made more than that! I ended up freezing some and will do them in a couple of weeks.

Which brings me to another question - how do you organise your freezer? Especially for the items you cook and freeze. Do you have a rotation so things get used, but not repeated that often?

Thanks for reading and for the comments!


  1. Yes, we are in for it...I saw the forcast for WI & MI .... cold...all next week. I have farm's so hard on them. We have had it rather mild thus far, but I fell the next week or two, might make up for it. We raise much of our own meat, so we do rotate in 2 chest freezers. I try hard to use up what we have before we fill it again. I usually share with others. I do write on my berries and produce when I bag it the year. Those are harder to keep track of...and if I miss a bag or two of something like that in the bottom of the freezer, the chickens get it. I also like to freeze my stuff as flat as I can so it stacks.

  2. I don't have a system other than I write the date on what I freeze. I use butter tubs to freeze cooked stuff in so just put the date on the lid.

  3. Minus 9C at the moment and heavy snow with winds about 30km/hr so not a nice day!

    I only have the freezer compartment above my fridge so it has to be very organized. I keep a large bin filled with items to be kept longterm on the bottom. Sitting on top of this I have 2 other baskets - 1 holds items that are still "raw" but will be used next in rotation. The 2nd holds items already cooked, frozen and ready to be reheated. Two other baskets off to the side hold bread, bits & pieces of sauces, frozen lemons & limes and some HM desserts. The door holds my frozen veg. People are always astonished at how much I can get in there so it does pay to be organized. I would love a small chest freezer but I live in a 1 bedroom apt. with a small galley kitchen so the only place it can go is in the bedroom. I intend to watch out for a good price on one and then tuck it into a corner of the bedroom with a blanket over it and a chair placed in front to hide it as then I could stock up a lot more than I'm currently able.

  4. I have 2 freezers I use one for meat that I freeze, the other for meals that I have prepared and vegetables. All dated and moved around as I add new produce to the back. Hope that helps.

  5. Glad you were able to get out for a bit on Thursday. If it were me, I wouldn't venture out from December to at least May! LOL! I don't know how I survived 6 winters in Wisconsin, but, I was much younger then and the cold didn't bother me that much.

    I have a side-by-side fridge/freezer. Neither is particularly organized. I've tried to have a shelf for different things - raw meat on one shelf, cooked food on one, vegetable on one, and so forth. BUT, reality is, I just put things in where they will fit and then, when I need something, I just pull stuff out and scramble through the whole mess and leave it in even more disarray!

  6. My system is to write the date on it before I throw it in the freezer but my freezer is a mess and is stuffed with meals for the next 20 years - HA! I live alone so every recipe I make I eat for days!!!


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