Friday, January 4, 2019

Week in Review

I was quite pleased with what I got done this week.  I was careful about what I spent and really thought about what I was buying. I also made lists and pretty much stuck to them. It was nice seeing things written down and crossing them off when they got done. There wasn't always a really long list, but I'm mainly just trying to get used to writing things down. I did well with food lists too so I didn't end up buying lots while I was at the shops.

I did start a cross stitch project. I haven't done a lot on it, but it is all ready to go and a few stitches have been done. I'll share a photo when there's some progress. I am planning on picking out a knitting pattern this weekend.

I did get up into my craft room a little this week and got a few Christmas cards put together. I have really been enjoying doing the little 3d decoupage cards. I thought I'd taken photos, but apparently I haven't! I did take photos of the toppers, but not when they have been added to card bases.

They make lovely little cards! I really like the Belle and Boo. I have cross stitched a couple of the pictures for Mum so being able to make the cards was fun.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


  1. So glad to read that you had a good week, Sharon. Well done on the mindful spending and sticking to your lists! The 3D card toppers are really cute!

  2. Lovely crafting - the toppers are just lovely and will make fantastic cards.

  3. Glad to hear you had a productive week. I like my lists, but I never make them too

  4. It sounds like a good week. I've never managed to finish a cross stitch kit yet!


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