Friday, January 18, 2019

Heading into the Weekend

We're under a Winter Weather Advisory with some snow forecast and really cold temperatures. Our low on Sunday night is supposed to be down to -22C (-7f) with highs only -9C (16F). If it's that cold out I'm not sure we'll go far although there might actually be some nice ice to be seen! It depends more on the roads I think. I will be breaking out my hand and toe warmers if we should venture out.

On the home front I'm still trying to search out new recipes. I picked up one of The Pioneer Woman's cookbooks just before Christmas when they were only $10. I really like her books and the recipes. They are quite down-to-earth. The books are fabulous, very colourful and detailed.

In this kind of weather you need something nice and warm and hearty - especially if son is working outside. He usually comes right home and has a bath - just to warm up I think! He's more of a shower guy but in the winter a bath can warm your insides right up too. I imagine some days he has to be cold to the bone.

Husband went over to MIL's yesterday to visit and came back with my lovely slippers that she'd made me. She made us all a pair last year for Christmas and I loved them! They are nice and warm and they stay on your feet! I've almost worn the old ones out so I asked if she could make me another pair.

I've been battling a headache all day. It sounds strange but I think it might be the weather front coming through. I haven't been able to shake it. It's one of those that make me sick to my stomach and probably won't go away until I sleep. Sigh.

I think the birds know something about the weather. They have been eating like crazy today! I've had to go out and put food on the table four or five times. Usually I only do it once in the daytime (hubby puts some out first thing).

I hope everyone had a good week and will have an enjoyable weekend.

Thanks to the people following me! I do appreciate you reading my ramblings.


  1. Those slippers look wonderful, perfect for this cold weather. Stay warm.

  2. I LOVE those slippers. Do you know where I could find the pattern?

    That weather sounds pretty severe to someone who lives in the SE of England. Warm and hearty sounds just the ticket for everyone. Take care.

  3. Wow the slipppers, NICE! I like the Pioneer Woman too. I know family who have migranes like that...hugs that you can "sleep it off" and have a cold but fun weekend.

  4. That sound really cold to me, being someone who struggles with the British cold weather - practically warm compared to yours. I watch the Pioneer Woman on TV occasionally and like some of her recipes, although have never made any of them yet.

  5. Oh, I am in love with those slippers! I wonder if your MIL will share her pattern/directions with us? That is just my color, too, and I believe I have a sweater I knitted with that yarn (or a similar colored yarn!)

    I've watched the Pioneer Woman on TV and like her shows. I should see if the library has any of her books.

    Stay warm in those cold temperatures, and be safe!


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