Saturday, January 12, 2019

Saturday and an Icy Walk

Of course Saturday rolls around and it's gloomy, though that is pretty much standard most days in winter in Michigan. We usually do a small morning walk or trip as I get home by 12.30 my time (5.30pm Mum's) to Skype my Mum. We usually chat for an hour and a half and the time just flies by! It seems that no sooner do we start to chat before it's time to our weekly hug and say goodbye again. I ring her on Wednesdays too so we have a good old chat then too.

Our drive/walk this morning was over to the lakeshore. I'm attempting to do a black & white photography series of photos for my EDPS Camera Club (online) as my Big Project for the year. As the day was gloomy I thought that I could take photos of the rails leading up to the lighthouse. I love the lines. They are just fabulous and make lovely black and white photos. Anyway, we got to the lighthouse and there was fabulous ice beginning to form. It was so beautiful (if ice can be considered beautiful). The way the wind had blown and frozen the water was truly amazing.

I'm glad we didn't decide to just stay home!


  1. That ice is beautiful - just like a work of art. I'm glad you can visit with your mum...enjoy it!

  2. It's like curtains of ice, hung out to dry! Beautiful!

    Hope you had a nice Skype visit with your mum. When I Skype with my daughter, most of the time, the video camera is frozen!

  3. Oh, my word. We don't get it like that here. A mere 10cm icicle hyanging from my garden shed is worth a photo or two!
    I agree - the ice is beautiful!

  4. BRRRRR!!! Indeed just looking at those photos makes me feel cold. The ice certainly does make for some amazing photos.

  5. The ice is so beautiful. We never have that sort of weather here so photos like yours are a pipe-dream for me ... we rarely get snow, let alone ice!


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