Wednesday, January 2, 2019

January Goals

Instead of New Year's Resolutions I decided to do monthly goals. These seem as though they will be a lot more manageable. I did make a couple of year goals but these are things that can be worked towards throughout the year. 


Crafty Goals

* Learn to crochet - I started this with Mum last year but there were so many lovely days when I visited her that we didn't spend a lot of time inside! I'd like to be able to surprise her when I go with some sort of (small!) finished crochet.

* Use what's on hand! I have a lot of craft items and I want to make sure I use what I have. I did really well with this last year especially with cross stitch as I bought very few (some magazines) new items! I refrained from buying any kits at all - this was quite challenging while I was visiting mum!

Photography Goals

* I want to learn how to do long exposure photography - this is something I will probably do when we're camping.

* Black and White photography - I've been doing some of this, but I got a lovely book for Christmas so I definitely want to do more!

Financial Goals

* Be more conscious of where our money goes - spend less, use more of what we have. Be conscious of what I'm spending.

* Save more!

Okay. Enough of that. Those are general goals. 


I hope that, by posting these each month, it will help me keep on track. 


$25 per week each holiday fund 1 and holiday fund 2
$10 per month book spending (this is a REALLY tough one for me!)
$10 crafty spending (I will be going to daughter's at the end of the month and I'll set myself a separate limit for that trip)
$100 per week for food/paper products
Keep track of spending!


Start new knitting project
Start new cross stitch project
Start a 2019 photography journal


Wipe all the walls and ceiling in the kitchen
Meal planning weekly - including 1 new recipe per week
sort table/cubby between chairs in living room
sort things by my chair including cubes. 
sort out 15 books/10 other items to donate/sell (that would include actually listing on Ebay lol).

This is my list for now. I did keep up with my 2018 photo journal (I'm waiting for December photos to arrive!). Here's a few pages. I really enjoyed this. It was a very manageable project. 


  1. Excellent goals, Sharon, and very doable, I think. On the financial front, is that $25 per week per holiday fund? Holiday fund 1 gets $25 and holiday fund 2 gets $25, so a total of $50 per week going towards holiday funds? Or, the two holiday funds get $25 per week divided between them?

    1. Oops, I'll go back and edit it! $25 for each fund. This is in addition to what goes into savings. I should see if I can open another sub fund on my credit union website for gifts. Thanks!

    2. I thought that it might be $25 per fund, but just wanted to make sure. I've been reviewing my own budget, and wondering if I should increase my holiday fund, as I am finding it harder to stay within budget. In 2018, I was able to augment the holiday fund with money leftover in other areas of the budget, but I might need to adjust the amount for 2019.

  2. That is super! I have many of the same goals. I saw something on pinterest I want to try for my 2019. I'll share more about it after I complete a few pages. Altered art journaling.

    1. That sounds like fun! I have a couple of books but haven't got started. I'll really look forward to seeing what you do.

  3. Sound like some very good goals. Saving and not spending is always worthwhile and reaps benefits in the end. I have some similar goals craft projects I want to finish and would like to learn to use my lovely camera better which will mean getting out and doing it.

    1. I don't know how much you know about your camera but the free online thing that I did - A Year with My Camera is really good! I love getting out with my camera. There are a couple of projects I might do regarding photography. I'm still thinking about them.

  4. I love these goals and makin g them monthsis such a good idea - far more immediate.

  5. Learning to crochet quite often features on my wish list of goals but despite lots of attempts, I still can't do it or follow a pattern! I hope you have more luck than me.

    I like your list of goals and look forward to hearing how you get on with them.

    1. I think I will definitely have to watch some YouTube videos. I am no good at looking at pictures and trying to work out what I am supposed to do. The patterns do look like a foreign language. I think that's one of the hardest things!


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