Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Another Box of Books Bites the Dust...

Another box of books gone! They are all packed up and ready to leave the house. There are still many more to go.

I've been sorting, getting rid of lots of crafty magazines, more than I ever thought I'd be able to let go. I am finding it quite freeing, but what I still have it so overwhelming. I know it's a little at a time and as long as I keep going the piles will be getting smaller.

I have been up in the craft room a little this week. I made this lovely little album using more of the cards and envelopes I had. This is also used paper from my stash as well as some tags. It really made me smile to make this.

I know I've made quite a few of these but I am really liking them and I am using up things I have.


  1. Well done on the decluttering and the mini albums, too! I really like the unicorn!

  2. Lovely crafting - your creations are beautiful.

    You'll get there with the books - one bite at a time!

  3. A beautiful make. Like you I am trying to be prudent about using craft stock that I already have.

  4. Good job! It is a wonderful feeling. Sometimes its a 1 step forward 2 back, but we are doing it!


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