Monday, August 10, 2020

Weekend/Decluttering Update

Thanks for all the encouragement on the decluttering of books. It's going fairly well. I am going with the flow and am finding some a lot easier to get rid of than others, but each little bit counts.

I have officially declared August as Book Decluttering month. I've been in a bit of a funk lately - haven't talked about it much - but I was supposed to leave on Friday (rescheduled trip) to visit Mum for six weeks. Unfortunately the flights were cancelled and as the quarantine order is still in effect the trip has been put on hold indefinitely. I am trying not to think about it too much as I just feel like crying. Some others on here have left comments before about being in the same boat so I know others understand. It's really tough being so far away from an aging parent and not knowing whether you will see one another again.

Deep Breath.

Anyway, so as I am going to be stuck here for a while I have decided that I will be using the time to do something...well, useful. I am going to sort out stuff (mainly books) but other things too. I have a goal in mind and I am using that to motivate myself.

As I was feeling a little down this weekend (and it was hot) husband and I decided to take a drive to the National Wildlife Refuge a couple of hours away and do the Wildlife Drive a couple of times. I was hoping to see pelicans and I did! They were beautiful to watch. There aren't many seen in Michigan but we had seen some here last year when we went. When we passed by the area where we had seen them last year we saw only two. I was happy to see them, but wishing there were more. Sure enough, another mile or two later and there were loads!

What a beautiful sight! On our second go around the wildlife drive some of them had broken away and were fishing. It was amazing to watch. They fish as a collective and push the fish into the middle of them and then they feed.

It was absolutely beautiful to watch and well worth the drive!

So now it's Monday again - back to the sorting. I sold three 'lots' of 10 books each over the weekend so they will be out of the house tomorrow. Yeah!


  1. It's a very difficult time. I keep telling myself that others, in other parts of the world, have it very much harder but that doesn't necessarily help very much.
    Sending you distanced hugs.

  2. Oh, Sharon, I am so sorry the trip has been postponed indefinitely. (((HUGS))) You will still be able to see her when you Skype, etc., but, it's not the same, is it?

    Well done with the 30 books sold! When I decluttered my books, last year, my goal was 30 books and it took me all month and I agonized over each and every one! LOL. I really should join you in the decluttering, this month.

    I'm glad you got to drive to the wildlife refuge and see the pelicans. Pretty awesome to see them feeding, too.

  3. Well done on the decluttering progress ... bit by bit and you'll soon see a difference.

    I love the pelican photos. I've never seen that many together before.

    It's awful that you can't get to see your mum and my heart goes out to you. xx

  4. I don't think you're the only one in a funk, I think a lot of people are pretty funked out. Sorry you didn't get to visit with your mum. I too had planed a trip to see my sister, but of course early on I knew that was off. What lovely views and photos of the pelicans. I must keep on with the decluttering. Take care, wishing you well.

  5. I'm sorry. I'm sure this hard for you and her! Your pictures are amazing and what great subjects!

  6. It's a shame about you visit being cancelled but keeping my fingers crossed that you do manage to visit sometime soon. I have never seen a pelican other than on TV. I bet they are spectacular to watch fishing


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