Monday, March 21, 2022

Another Week Starting - Monday

 Thanks for all the comments and suggestions on the last post. I'm not quite sure what combination I'm going to try. I just know I want the things to go. 

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day after the rain all day on Saturday. We took a drive to a park quite a way away. It charges a fee to get in and we opted to get a yearly pass as we tend to go there enough times to make it worth our while. The pass also gains you access to some other parks we intend on visiting. The one we went to yesterday has some fantastic trails, beaches, a golf course, shooting range and more. We love the walks around the nature centre - though we haven't done them all. There is always lots to see. We walked for quite a while and were both tired when we got home. I took lots of photos though haven't sorted through them yet. 

Neither one of us was ready for Monday. Another beautiful day. I took my walk and then went over to Jane's. I felt as though we made some progress. We got a lot of the kitchen boxed up and ready for donation. I think it is making things a lot easier now that we are donating a lot more. 

Tomorrow isn't supposed to be so nice. That's good in a way. I won't have an excuse to procrastinate. I haven't made a meal plan yet, but I need to as I have to go to the shops tomorrow and want the meals planned so I don't have to go again. So, it will be a walk - weather permitting - the shops, housework and some sorting. I am in the mood to let some books go!

Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile - 79/365

Yesterday I really wanted to go to see the heron rookery at the park. You can just seem them on the tops of the trees. There are lots of pairs of blue herons, sitting on nests and building them. It's quite a sight to see. There were quite a few photographers there watching and snapping away. It made me smile!

Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile - 80/365

What an absolutely beautiful morning this morning! I got to the park before my friend and walked down to enjoy the sunrise by myself. It was so peaceful and a great way to start the day. 


  1. Sounds like a great start to the week, Sharon. Lovely sunrise picture!

  2. If you're donating kitchen items from Jane's home, does that mean you're not going to have an estate sale now? Good that you can see some progress x

    1. We are still having a sale, but I think we are scaling down what we are going to sell and donate. This was how I wanted to do it from the start. Get rid of some of the smaller items, not all, but so we can showcase some nicer things. Nothing will be really expensive, but hopefully will make things a little easier.

  3. Sending hugs. Getting stuff out of the kitchen must feel like you have made a space. I hope you have a lovely calm day tomorrow.

    1. I'm starting to feel a little better about things, but I think, at this point, we'd both like it done so we can get the house up for sale and sort out our neglected houses.


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