Saturday, March 26, 2022

Okay - What Happened to Spring??!!

 Woke up this morning to several inches of snow. Yes, you've read that right - snow! I think Mother Nature is sleeping in and has forgotten that it's supposed to be spring!

I must admit that it was quite beautiful. The snow had stuck to the grass and the trees, but the roads have been too warm for it to lay too much and so those, and the pavements were clear. I did go out. Just to the local park as husband was helping middle son look for a car again. I wanted to at least get out for a little walk, just to break the day up. I'm also doing a Big Project for my online camera club - A Year at Asylum Lake - so I wanted to take some late snow photos for my project. I don't think the snow will stick around for long. It is supposed to be cold tomorrow - some artic thing (don't they always say that now?) - but warmer at the beginning of next week. 

There was hardly anyone around - just two runners, one I recognise from being a regular. So it was lovely and quiet. 

I went to look at the daffodils. Poor things were mostly buried. 

I had to look really hard to see these ones. Most were buried beneath the snow so I hope they survive! They are pretty hardy, I think.

Back home I don't think the birds were too happy about the snow. They were awfully hungry most of the day. 

Don't these photos look like winter, rather than spring?

The rest of the day I stayed inside. I thought about sitting out and enjoying the birds and taking some photos (bundled up of course) but, in reality, I am a little tired of the snow, so I stayed inside. I got (mostly) caught up with my online Camera Club Project. I sorted out a few things. 

Oh, by the way. Son did find a new-to-him car. He bought it today! They did a little... well, a lot of running around, but he has the car and he is so excited! 

Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile 85/365

I'm not liking the snow, but just the peacefulness of my walk made me smile. It's amazing how much joy nature brings me. Even though it's a tough weekend I find joy in the little things. 


  1. Oh, such lovely photos! Yes, definitely winter! LOL.
    Glad your son was able to buy a car that he liked and was affordable! Congratulations!

  2. Oh, my goodness. It all looks so chilly and stunningly beautiful.
    I'm so glad you are finding joy in those little things. That's so lovely. xx

  3. We have just had a week of sunshine but the cloud is back today and temps back to normal.
    Hope your snow soon goes and spring returns

  4. I know you're fed up of the snow, but it does look so magical in your photos, especially the first one.

  5. I think I may have jinxed the weather. Last week I said that there is still plenty of time for snow and ice... Looks like I wasn't wrong.

  6. Those look like January pics! I love the ones of the birds, but they are all amazing. Congratulations on your son getting a car. It's a weird market.

    btw we're forecast snow here as well next week, but it will probably be three flakes and a squelch.

  7. As much as I could hardly stand another snow, it was pretty! This has been an unusually cold past several months here. I woke to 5 degrees. I can hardly start seeds in my greenhouse - I hope that April is warmer.


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