Wednesday, March 2, 2022


We went to Jane's this morning. We're working on a room in the basement. There were a lot of boxes (for ornaments) and boxes full of boxes that all had to be broken down to be put in the recycle. We also found lots of old paperwork from when she was a teacher (several shelves of it!) and photo albums (that MIL will take home to look through at another time). It was a productive day, but there are lots of bags of rubbish and boxes of recyclables that have to be taken upstairs and to the appropriate bins. I'm hoping that husband will help me with them at the weekend. I can't carry them up the stairs by myself. I managed some of the smaller bags and put them out in the bin as tomorrow is rubbish day. 

I did go for a walk this morning. It was lovely and bright and sunny. A bit chilly and there is still plenty of thick ice on the trails. It was my walking friend's first day back from Florida this morning so we had a nice chat and catch-up. It was a lovely way to spend time before heading off to Jane's house. 

Phone Photos Things That Make Me Smile 61/365

Lovely clouds today!

I can't believe I've actually kept up with something for another month! I put together some collages of the photos from last month. I really enjoy looking for things to make me smile!

What made you smile last month?


  1. The absolute honest truth is that I have smiled a lot at your pics. It sounds emotionally painful, at Jane's and I'm sending you loads of hugs. Take care

  2. I love your photo collages! Sounds like you are making good progress on Jane's house. Thank you for mentioning some of the stuff you are decluttering as that is helping me rethink some of the things I have been keeping.

  3. My smiles have mostly come from interactions with friends and family, and from the enjoyment I get from playing the piano.

    I do like your collages. Which software do you use to create them please?

    1. Such lovely things to smile about!
      I use Pic Collage. I really like it. I have it on my computer and my phone.


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