Monday, August 1, 2022

August 1st - budget meals anyone?

 Time to turn over the calendar again - it's the hedgehog one my son bought me.

I did manage to start off fairly well. I got some things picked up and put where they should be instead of hanging around in various places. I also managed to sort out two boxes of things. I also have three books already to donate. It's a good start, I think. 

I got a sort-of meal plan. I had other things in mind but when I saw the prices I changed my mind. Does anyone have any favourite budget meals or budget meal sites? We do eat a lot of salads when it's hot and I usually do something meaty for the guys. I need to get some things ready for winter especially if the prices go up even more! I am a little tired of cooking the same old things over and over. I like to cook meals that don't use a lot of fancy ingredients (especially if it's something I'd only use once!). Any help would be appreciated - especially if it's something you've cooked before and the family enjoy. 

Phone Photo - Things That Make Me Smile Day 213

I saw this while I was out doing my errands. It really made me smile and I was really tempted! I didn't give in and buy it though (yah me). I have lots of Blue Jays in my garden. They are really making me smile right now as some of them are babies. They are funny to watch. They don't quite know how things work. This is a photo of one I took in the garden the other day. 

It was taking a rest while looking for bird seed. It's such hard work!

I've got some more photos to catch up with for my Phone Photos Things That Make Me Smile. Almost done I think!

Day 200 (July 19th)

So hot today! Sister and I had a great day out at Southwold and then Aldeburgh. We walked 10 miles this day! We had a lovely paddle in the sea too. There are lots of photos I took that made me smile, but these mirrors made me laugh. When I was a child and we went down to Felixstowe there was an amusement place called Mannings. The fun house had loads of funny mirrors in there and always made me laugh!

Day 201 (July 20th)

A beautiful walk along the River Orwell with my sisters. We got to walk under the Orwell Bridge too. This bridge was built when I was a child. It's not far from where I grew up. We actually walked through my childhood park to get to here as my sisters both live not far from the house we grew up in. The bridge is a bypass for Ipswich. Sometimes when there are high winds the bridge is closed and there is such a mess of congestion through the town - you can get stuck for hours! 

Today we walked past places that brought back lots of wonderful memories. 

Day 202 (July 21st)

Today we went to Colchester Zoo with my niece and her children. It was such fun! Children really enjoy the zoo - I did too! It's been years since I've been to the zoo. It was quite a production with the children. Two are really young (just 2 and 6 months) and the older one only 6. There is so much to take with you. I had forgotten. Lovely day. 

Day 203 (July 22nd)

It's been a year since Mum passed away. Tears. Lots of them. But smiles too. Sister and I went to Mum's bench. We took some fish and chips. I had Plaice and Chips (Mum's favourite) and we took a plant and card with us. Niece had already been by the bench and her oldest had drawn a picture and wrote some words. 

It was good to be there with my sister. 

Day 204 (July 23rd) 

Last lot of Fish and Chips before I leave for America. It was a lovely day. We had a get together at my brother-in-law's social club. My sister's two children and their children were there, my other sister and her husband came, my brother's son (Sam) came with his partner and their three children. My brother couldn't be there as he is travelling in Spain (on a Big Adventure). Sam did manage to get him on video link and we all chatted with him. Such a fun time and a lovely last day!


  1. Lovely photos and happy memories. You fitted lots into your visit.

    1. The weather was so beautiful we had to make the most of it!

  2. Oh, that baby Blue Jay is just too cute for words!
    You had a very good start with all the tidying and decluttering you did!
    My favorite go to frugal meals are rice and curries and pasta dishes. Stir fries are a good way to extend meat if your family will eat them; soups and stews in the winter. Eggs are also a relatively inexpensive source of protein, but, might not work if the family want meat. I try to buy meat when it goes on sale and plan my meals around items I have on hand or what's on sale that week. I hope you get more helpful suggestions from your other readers.

    1. It was really cute. Thanks so much for the tips.

  3. I like Thrifty Lesley for budget meals and also I belong to some frugal groups on facebook which have lots of good ideas. Lovely to see pictures of Suffolk. We used to go there in our camper van.

    1. Thanks! I will have to check Thrifty Lesley out. Good tip about the frugral groups on Facebook. Suffolk is a beautiful county

  4. I love Plaice and Chips! So good.


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