Wednesday, February 22, 2023

It's Icy Outside - Quick post

Just a quick one. It's been an icy day today. We're under an Ice Storm warning until early hours of the morning. There is lots of ice building up on the trees and the wires overhead. So far we still have power, though now we can hear tree limbs cracking outside the window. Our neighbour has lost some tree limbs and there is a wire down in front of our driveway. It isn't a power line, so don't know what it is. Our neighbour reported it to the police who told them it would be Friday before someone could see to it! Neighbour told them that they might want to get someone out here sooner to at least put some cones up or something so people don't drag it. The cars race up and down the hill so hopefully someone won't drag it. 

Yikes. Just heard another crash outside. 

Schools were closed today and they have closed them again for tomorrow. It's only supposed to last through the night, so fingers crossed.  I didn't walk today but hopefully if things melt I can go sometime tomorrow. 


  1. Wow, stay safe, Sharon, under those icy conditions!

  2. I do hope it hasn't got any worse and that everything is OK and still connected. xx

  3. We have all snow 15" so far.....waaaaaahhhh (that's my version of a baby cry....ahahah)!

  4. An ice storm warning sounds horrible and I hope you don't experience too much damage from it. I hope it doesn't last for long and thaws quickly so you can get out for your walk. xx


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