Thursday, February 9, 2023


No walk today. It rained all morning. Not just a shower but pouring rain. I had to go to the post office. Roads were pretty waterlogged. There are two lanes on a lot of roads and so I kept to the one away from the curb. It was fairly mild out this morning. I think the high temperature hit 51F/11C and then it plummeted this afternoon to 36F/2C. 

I got all our washing done today and some housework. Usually, I do some washing today and some tomorrow but...drum roll...we're going away for the weekend. We usually do a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan sometime in February and this weekend is apparently it. Last minute thing. I booked the hotel on Monday. There aren't many hotels open in the winter up where we go. We've stayed there before. They have a nice breakfast, and the rooms are usually clean and comfortable. 

It's supposed to have snowed up there today. But the weather over the weekend should be dry and just around freezing which is actually warm for up there. Last year when we went it was really, really cold, almost 0F I think. Ultra cold. I'm looking forward to taking icy scenery photos. Fingers crossed. We're just looking forward to getting away for the weekend. Obviously, we will bundle up. I'm not sure I'll be posting over the weekend - I'll try! I will be doing some Instagram stories if anyone is on Instagram 

My Instagram

I'll hopefully post some short videos here when I get back. We really just want to get away for a bit. No real plans of where we're going, just stopping where we want. 

I did do a bit of stitching today. The light was bad, but I closed one curtain and used my craft light so I could see. It's not a lot done, but it's a start!

I'm really looking forward to working on this one. I shan't be taking it with me so I'll have to work on it next week. 


  1. Well done getting all the laundry done! I hope you have a wonderful weekend away and the roads will be safe and the weather will be good. Enjoy the get away!

  2. A short break away is always a lovely treat isn't it.

  3. Have a smashing weekend! Went to your instagram, lovely to see all the photos together. Great work!


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