Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Behind as Usual

I seem to spend my life perpetually trying to play catch-up!

Yesterday was a fairly good day. Took a walk. Saw the beavers. Ran an errand. Did some housework. I did name this blog My New Uneventful Life, if anyone thinks to complain. Lol. Today I didn't get out for a walk. Husband had the car so I didn't drive to my normal park. The neighbourhood still has too much ice to feel safe walking on. Most people - even though they are supposed to - don't clear off the pavements. Besides, it was really, really cold this morning. So cold that I did bundle up and go outside trying to freeze, and take photos of, bubbles. I'm not sure how they turned out. You guessed it, I'm playing catch-up sorting out photos. 

I did get around to sorting out several problem areas that I've been meaning to take care of. I just feel like I've mainly moved the things from one place to another though. I really need to start decluttering. I need to work on books. I find it really tough though. Daughter says I should concentrate more on ebooks, but there is just something about holding a real book that it just so soothing and comforting. Electronic books are just not the same. Sigh. However, I do have some books both in physical form and as an ebook, so perhaps I should start there. ? Maybe? 

Regarding other decluttering, how do you decide what to keep and get rid of? What happens if it was something given to you? How do you make the choice? 

I really think I'm overthinking this a little. Sigh. 

I did manage one box of donation for January. I am going to try another box for February. Baby steps lol. 

Oh, the car had an oil change. There's nothing else wrong. Except one of the lights on my licence plate was out (there are two). The mechanic says as long as I have one working, I should be alright. He has ordered a replacement (as the holder needing replacing too). 

A Photo - an icicle. Husband did not clear off the roof last snow go round so we now have lots of icicles. 


  1. Just looking at that icicle made me feel cold! LOL! I think you have more happening in your life than I have in mine, right now! Decluttering is hard, isn't it? I tend to keep most things people give me, especially if they were given by my mother or my daughter! Some people say to take a photo of an item and then get rid of the item and keep the photo as a reminder. Maybe that might help?

    1. I'm definitely struggling. I'm not even going to tackle anything from Mum right now. I can't even get rid of the cards from her. Sigh. I think the thing is that I feel a bit guilty if I get rid of something someone gave me.

  2. It's tricky, isn't it.
    Someone said an item has to be seriously beautiful, seriously useful or seriously sentimental for it to be kept. That means different things to different people, of course. I tend to go with the 'if I haven't used it for ages, do I really want/need it' but it's all a bit vague and inconsistent!
    What has really helped is just doing one small thing at a time - once shelf, one drawer, one cupboard. Then, if I get more than one thing done, I feel very good about myself and if not, no worries!

    Really looking forward to the bubble photos and as for playing catch-up, no worries. Why not play catch up? It's your life . . . :-)

    1. Thanks for the tips. I think I do need to just pick something small to start. I look around and it just seems overwhelming. I'm in no way a hoarder, rooms are easily accessible, I think I just want a little less around. It's making me a bit anxious. I suppose that should tell me that I can get rid of things. The thing is that once they are gone I mostly don't miss them!

  3. I look at each item and, regardless of whether it was a gift, if it has been hidden in a cupboard, or I know I don't really like it, or it doesn't really go with anything in the house/room, then I let it go to the charity shop. xx

    1. Thanks for the tips. I'm going to give it a serious try.

  4. Encouraging title! Hope for me yet!


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