Saturday, February 25, 2023


 It wasn't a bad day today. I went out for a bit this morning. We didn't go far, but I did get out and try some more intentional camera movement photos. I'm a little addicted to it now sigh. It's good for dull days as the photos turn out really bright and interesting and it makes for some fun, creative photography. On our way back home we stopped at the store and picked up a couple of items. Son is coming up tomorrow to visit and have dinner. I hadn't bought enough for what husband was cooking so we wanted to get some more items so son could eat too. 

Husband and other son went out this afternoon. I took a leisurely bath and then worked most of the afternoon on my Big Project. It was actually last year's Big Project for photography but, even though all the photos were taken last year, updating my year-long blog is taking longer than I thought. I had planned on finishing it in January. Nope. It won't be completed in February. I am determined to get it done, but it's looking like the project might continue through half this year too! I completed 10 blogposts on it today! 

It is kind of interesting looking back at the photographs and some of the notes I took. I had forgotten that I'd taken some photos! This one of the beavers made me smile 

How adorable is this! 

I will get this finished! 

Tomorrow we're off out. Not sure where yet. I haven't made any plans. 

Hopefully back tomorrow!


  1. Very cute indeed.
    Have a lovely trip. wherever you go. xx

  2. Enjoy your time with your son visiting tomorrow.

    Good luck with completing your project. You are still making progress even if it is taking longer than you thought. Your photos are wonderful, as always. xx

    1. It was good to see him.

      I agree that I'm making progress and that's what I'm keeping in mind. I really want to finish it as it will be a personal accomplishment.

  3. Sounds like you had a good day! That photo of the beavers is very cute!


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