Sunday, February 26, 2023

Sunday Adventures

We did have a nice day out today. It was rather windy at the lakeshore, but bright and sunny. I had a nice walk along the beach and enjoyed watching the waves. We stopped at several places along the lakeshore and just had a few enjoyable short walks. It was so lovely to see the sun, though the wind made the air feel pretty cold. 

It was surprising to see how much the beaches have changed even in the few weeks since we've been there. We've had a lot of winds and the snow fences, though not buried by snow, were buried by sand. 

This fence was once quite tall, about four feet tall, now there are only a few inches showing!

I think it will be quite the job to clear the snow from the fence when it comes time to remove them for the summer season. 

The benches at this beach were quite buried too!

Video of the wind

It's amazing to think this is a lake

When I came home I did a little cross stitching. I haven't done much but it is coming along!

My middle son came up later in the afternoon to eat with us and stay a while so most of the later afternoon and early evening was spending time with him. 

Good news - MIL texted me this evening to tell me that their power had come back on! She doesn't have television or Internet but she has power! 


  1. The lake is actually more like an inland sea, isn't it? Glad you had a nice outing today and got to enjoy a few walks as well as your middle son's company, later in the day. Glad your MIL has power again!

  2. It all makes one realise quite how impressive nature can be, doesn't it? Sand, waves - both powerful in their own way.
    So glad the power is on again for your MiL

  3. Glad to hear you had a nice weekend and enjoyed your walk and the time spent with your son. Also good news the MiL has had the power restored.

    I don't envy the poor person who has to dig out the fences and benches! xx


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