Friday, May 26, 2023

Off Camping for the Long Weekend

It's Memorial Day weekend here and we are off camping or sort-of glamping this weekend. We're staying in a basic mini cabin for Saturday and Sunday night. It does have electricity so a step up from our usual tent camping, but we won't be taking along anything fancy. It's a chance to decompress and enjoy the outside. The weather is supposed to be quite nice, maybe a little chilly at night, but the good thing about staying in the mini cabin is that we can take a small heater with us if things get too cold. I am looking forward to seeing a sunset or two. We'll walk a little bit, but it's more about relaxing. The State Park we are staying at is on the lakeshore, so there will be a small beach. I won't be sitting out sun worshipping, but I will be enjoying taking a walk along the beach. 

We come back on Monday. On Tuesday I am going to start planning for my 50 in June decluttering challenge. I am really struggling about where to start. I'm going to think on it and maybe work out some sort of plan. I think the goal should be to tackle some of the areas that are really bothering me. I am hoping that, by doing this challenge, it will motivate me to keep going and continue sorting the house. 

Something happy for today. I love these flowers that I saw at some gardens while visiting daughter. There wasn't many flowers around. The gardens were beginning spring planting as the winter there is longer. Google Lens tells me that these are Bleeding Hearts. They are so beautiful and vibrant

Hope everyone has a great long weekend - it's one of the few Bank Holidays the US and UK share (though for different reasons) 


  1. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend get away, Sharon. Hope you have a fun camping trip.

  2. How was your relaxing break. I'll join you in a 50 things chucked out in June. It'll motivate me.


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