Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Rain Today - Better than Snow

It was another horrible day today. Rain and wind. It felt more like Autumn than Springtime. I did go for a walk, but I ended up wet and cold. Tomorrow looks to be better! Hopefully....keeping my fingers crossed. 

Puddles and reflections. There were lots of them lol. 

I did get a little bit of extras done today. I sorted through three storage cubes by the backdoor that have bags and other bits and bobs in them. I didn't get rid of many bags but reorganised them and now I know what's in there. I also got started on one of the problem areas on my list. So, I feel today has been a little productive. 

Hopefully it will continue tomorrow!


  1. I heard on the news that parts of MI received snow! Sounds like you are getting quite a bit done, sorting and organizing. Well done!

  2. That looks more like a paddle than a walk! But the pics are gorgeous and at least you have something to show for the day.


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