Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Drizzly Tuesday

I didn't sleep too well last night. Not sure what that was all about. I just kept waking up and when I did sleep, I had horrible dreams of drowning and water and such. That usually means I'm anxious about something. I had an Asylum Lake meeting tonight and so I wonder if that was what I was worried about. It is still new to me and I'm not good with new people or people in general lol.  It did go alright, I suppose. The other people seem so accomplished and I'm just me lol. There is one lady there who has seen everything, done everything and if someone has a story she has one too. Sigh. 

This morning, I got up early and went out for a walk even though I was still sleepy. The weather forecast called for rain, and it was drizzling when I went out, but I decided to go anyway. It was my day by myself, and I just wanted to be for a little while. It didn't turn out to be so bad, a few showers, but I had on my new-to-me raincoat that I found at the charity shop for about $5 and it kept me nice and dry. It was lovely to be out as there was no one else around!

After my walk I went in search of some bigger pots for my plants and some mulch. I thought putting mulch around the base of the plants might stop the squirrels from trying to dig in the dirt and bury their nuts. The first place I went I discovered they no longer had a gardening section! They did have a few pots and some on sale, so I got those there and then headed over to a nearby place for some mulch and a couple of other plants. I was so overwhelmed. I walked around and around. I ended up getting some mulch and a couple of plants, but still not all I wanted lol. 

I did do the planting when I got home. I've discovered that I need three more pots and some more dirt, so I might just have to go out again tomorrow or I might leave it until Thursday. We shall see. 

I feel on a scale of 10 of being productive, I managed a 6. Sometimes I feel as though the days go by too fast. I don't suppose it helps that husband gets home at 3pm from work. Sigh. 

Oh, I also had a nice chat with daughter. Quick, but nice. She rang as I was on my way to the meeting. I have my car set up for hands free so chatted until I finished the drive. I was there about quarter of an hour early so I parked up and we set it to video chat and I got to see the baby for a bit. She is getting so big! It was so funny. She kept looking up at daughter so adoringly. So cute. 

Things That Make Me Smile 


I was going to take photos of the flowers, but I forgot, so for today this is it

Calm. That's what made me smile today. 

Hope everyone had a good one. 


  1. A 6 on the scale of productivity is good. I've been incredibly unproductive, today!

    1. Thanks. I feel like you're pretty productive most days. I, on the other hand, aren't.

  2. Some days feel less productive than others, even though there's no real difference.

  3. You always get one person who had done bigger or better or more exciting than everyone else - and says so, at length. Sometimes I wonder why they need to always say!

    And calm is just perfect. xx

    1. There always seems to be one person like that. I wonder if she just feels the need to prove herself all the time or she's just an overachiever.


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