Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Tuesday and Eventful Weather

Not a bad day today. I got in a nice walk. I ended up having to back to the shop today as I bought everything for salad except the lettuce! I shan't have to go back again this week. I came home and managed to get everything checked off my list for the day. There was some housework on there and just some things that I kept forgetting to do! They are done now though. 


Not a brilliant sunrise this morning, but it was pretty and peaceful. The beavers were out playing. I counted five of them at once today! It's a joy to see them. 

Later in the afternoon we had some severe weather came through. We were issued a Tornado Watch and later a warning flashed up on my phone and the sirens outside started to go off. Sometimes it's a bit (can't think of the word), not deceiving, but when they give out the alert it's for a county. Counties can be quite big, and the storm can be nowhere near you. One time daughter and I got stuck in a mall for an hour and a half or so, not something I'd like to repeat. We don't have local television anymore, but I did manage to get it on my phone, and they said it was heading towards our town. I did go into the basement for a bit, but we didn't get much of it - some winds and some hail. The other side of town wasn't as lucky. There's no word on casualties at this point, but several buildings were destroyed, and it went through a mobile home park. Hoping everyone is okay.  It's another reminder of how quickly things can change and how we need to make every moment count. 

A hail photo (it had been about 15 minutes after the hail at this point)


  1. That sounds really scary. I'm so glad you had no damage. xx

  2. We get over-excited about the possibility of strong winds. Tornadoes are another level!

  3. Flipping heck, that hail is enormous. Glad to hear that the storm didn't affect you.

  4. That hailstone is enormous! I'm glad you were safe in that scary weather.

    The pic is so beautiful.

  5. I'm glad you are OK, Sharon; the storm and the destruction was in the news and I thought of you.


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