Monday, June 3, 2019

A Little More Decluttering

Son is borrowing my car for a few days so I'll be close to home and probably be going crazy by the end of the week. There are a couple of things I'd like to get done, so we'll see how I go. Usually I end up with lots of plans that don't usually end up happening. One thing I wanted to get done was finish putting away the majority of winter clothes and getting out warmer weather clothes. I had sorted through some a little while ago, but it was still pretty chilly and I'd kept out quite a few jumpers. The weather is starting to warm up so I wanted to make it easier to get to the tee shirts and smaller socks - yah! can put away most of the wooly ones (though I kept a few handy for camping lol). I 'discovered' a couple of nighties I'd bought last year that I'd forgotten about so I got rid of my holey (really comfortable) one as well as some odd socks (the washing machine monster must have eaten the matching ones). I also found up a couple of items for donation - 3 shirts I no longer wear, 1 pair capris, a jacket and a dress of daughters. I'm probably not the only one, but there are certain things I really like to wear so I'm trying to let go of those things that I don't wear so often or feel sort of blah about. No point hanging onto them. Getting rid of clothes is a lot easier for me than books, probably as I don't particularly care for them.

And onto the books.... I didn't post yesterday, so I'm doing two lots for today. These are going in the 'donate to library bookshop' bag. There are actually four of them. I have decided that I won't be reading them so hopefully someone else will enjoy.

I got some crafting done too. I'm actually feel quite productive, though lazy in the exercise way as no walk.


  1. It sounds really very busy to me! Well done.

  2. Well done on the decluttering - both the clothes and the books!

  3. Its that time of year when as a result of changing over clothes, such a lot of decluttering is done as well.


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