Saturday, June 22, 2019

Back from Camping

What a wonderful week it was! We spent the week camping the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There wasn't a raindrop in sight! How lucky was that? When I looked before we left most days looked iffy for rain and as late as Saturday night (the last time I could get phone service) Tuesday looked to be stormy and wet. There was absolutely nothing! The days were bright and sunny, the nights a little cool, but couldn't have asked for better. I shall have photos to share at a later date.

I can honestly say that I am really, really thankful to live in a place where there are flushable toilets and running water! For three of the days camping we were in a rustic cabin where we had to collect water from the lake and filter or boil before drinking and a stinky (extremely) outhouse. I know it was only three days but I was so pleased when we came across our first flushable loo that I could have cried. Very wimpy of me (but true). The walk to this rustic cabin was a steep decline (all with carrying bedding/food and supplies) of almost a mile. That also meant it was a steep climb back to the car afterward.

The views were amazing though. There was a rowboat and a canoe at the cabin. These are the only ones on the lake. Hubby rowed us out (I braved it as I'm not a fan of boats) to watch the sun set. So very lucky! My happy place was sitting in the boat when it was on shore and looking out onto the lake. It was so very peaceful and there were absolutely no distractions (obviously no electricity either). Hubby collected wood and built a small fire in the wood stove to heat the cabin before bedtime. I was a little creeped out as there were mice too (shudder) but I not only survived it, I enjoyed the time there. It was with a mixture of both happiness and sadness that we left it behind (would have gladly have stayed with the minimum of water and loo).

As I said I haven't sorted those photos yet, but I do have one of a place we stopped at

Apparently the name means The Big Spring and it is Michigan's largest natural spring. Husband remembers visiting it when he was younger (a lot!).  There is a raft/boat that it attached to a rope across the spring and you move the boat by turning a wheel (usually done by energetic kids!). The raft/boat had changed but not much else. In the middle of the raft there is an opening where you can see down into the lake and the huge fish jumping there. Fishing isn't allowed so they are huge! It was an interesting place to visit, the water so very clear. Pretty sure I wouldn't have minded drinking that water!

Now it's back to cleaning, sorting and washing the piles of smelly, dirty clothes lol. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. It sounds like an amazing place and a fabulous week away. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos.

  2. It sounds like a beautiful place. Worth foregoing the loo and running water I should think.

  3. Sounds like a great camping trip! I am so glad you had nice weather. Too funny about the outhouse! The house my grandmother lived in when I was a child, had an outhouse. It was situated several yards away from the house, for obvious reasons! Yes, indoor plumbing is a blessing, isn't it? Looking forward to seeing the photos you took. Hope you have a lovely weekend and welcome back!

  4. SUper photos and I'm glad you had such a restful time.

  5. Not sure I could cope with a smelly outhouse and mice but the actual surroundings sound idyllic.

  6. I like to "rough it" for a bit as well, but I do enjoy flushing a toilet just the same.


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