Thursday, June 13, 2019

Another Rainy Day

Yup. It's raining again today. Sigh. Even the poor birds are looking drenched as they try to catch a little food. It's a good thing I'm staying inside today. I did have my car yesterday got quite a lot accomplished. I ended up taking two bags of books to the library for donation! I haven't taken my book photos for the last couple of days so will have to make up for it tomorrow. I suddenly realised that I hadn't blogged for a couple of days and want to keep up on things especially since we are going away all next week and I won't have access to a computer, or the internet or (for several days) even electricity. I'm not sure exactly how that's going to work except that I'm starting to panic that I won't have enough battery life for my camera. I suppose it shall all work out or I can just really appreciate the beauty around and not take so many photos.

Yes, we're off camping for the week next week. I'm half looking forward to it and half not. We're travelling up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan - far up! I don't know exactly how to describe it except maybe wild, beautiful and isolated. I imagine it's the kind of place where you can wander and get lost or not see another person for a while. I'm hoping the weather at least sort of cooperates. There's always a chance of rain - especially as it's all we seem to be having lately - but I shall make the most of it. For four days/three nights we shall be staying in a rustic cabin on The Lake of the Clouds. It is a mile walk from where we can park the car and we have to carry everything in with us - sleeping bags, food, supplies. There is no running water. You have to collect water from the lake and boil or purify. There is only an outhouse of some kind (definitely not looking forward to this part of it!). The lake is amazing though.

This is one of the photos I took last year from the top of the lake. We'll be down beyond those woods lovely and isolated. There is a trail that goes across a small bridge down closest to the bottom of the photo where the lake narrows and I'm hoping we can walk there and get some down the lake photos. It truly is an amazing place.

It is certainly a time to get away from everything in the modern world. A nice break. Refreshing.

Tomorrow will be spent packing and making sure things are somewhat tidy when we leave. I shall have to decide what I'm going to take to read. Without electricity the Kindle shall have to be used sparingly lol but I don't want to carry more weight than I have to either. Decisions, decisions.


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