Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Another Day...

I'm trying not to stress too much about husband's job or the financial and medical implications the loss of it may have. Over here your medical insurance is generally attached to your job and I was worried what getting laid off would mean. For obvious reasons it wouldn't be helpful to be without insurance at this time. Anyway husband says his company will still carry the insurance and then we will have to pay for our premiums when husband goes back to work. I hope it is just for the two weeks. Anyway enough of that.... I'm going to try not to moan too much. I must admit that I'm limiting trying to read about the virus or the news too much (just enough to keep up to date) as it doesn't help my mental health.

I thought today was going to be sunny. I got up early to get to the park so that I could have a nice peaceful walk before it got too busy. It was only sunny a little while before the clouds took over. It's still quite cold. I didn't quite need my long undies today, but I did wear my gloves and my hat. I keep waiting for things to warm up but it seems slow coming after a burst of warmer weather a couple of weeks ago (though it seems longer than that!).

While I was out walking at my local spot yesterday I was amazed to see that a beaver had chewed through the bottom of one of my favourite trees on a point I call 'the point'. I had been at the same place on Saturday evening and the tree hadn't even been gnawed on. As I stood there taking photos the whole tree fell over! Luckily I was not in the direction it fell. Yes, we did get snow on Sunday night!

And this morning when I was there it had started on the other tree!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring!


  1. wow, that beaver has really sharp teeth. Do they take the branches to build their underwater dams? Keep safe and well and I hope the medical insurance thing pans out for you with no problems.

  2. Hugs and good vibes for the job situation. And that beaver must have put some effort in! Amazing that you got to see it fall.

  3. That is so wonderful that your husband's company will keep the insurance going for the employees. Such a blessing!

    Looks like the beaver is getting ready to build himself a dam!

  4. I'm so pleased that the insurance will continue, thank goodness.
    Like you, I'm avoiding the news. There's too many what ifs, supposes, maybes and downright scaremongering. I just catch the highlights.

  5. What a cool thing to witness. Busy little us the progression of the dam. WI has a "stay in place" order, so my husband's factory gave each employee a letter to show "authorities" if they happen to get pulled over or are questioned why they are out and about. Kinda scary. We live in the country, but no cars or tractors on our road at all.

  6. Good news that the insurance will continue.

    How amazing to see the tree fall. I doubt many people have had that experience.


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